Garage Grime Vector Brush Subscription Pack

[Almost Gone] Only 4 of the 200 packs for the Early Bird price of $29 still available. Once we sell the remaining packs you'll no longer be able to buy the pack for 6-8 weeks. Buy the pack now before it's gone!

  • 4 packs of 15 Garage Grime vector brushes (one pack delivered every Thursday).
  • A set of 5-10 no-stretch vector brushes in each pack.
  • Inspired by a pack of 1950s wax oil crayons uncovered in a garage
  • Quick reference guide so you can quickly pick the right brush (plus, the story behind each pack).
  • Easy-to-follow PDF instructions with pictures.
  • Compatible with Abobe Illustrator CS4 and above.
  • Only 200 packs available and then we're shutting it down for at least 6 weeks.

Grimy Vector Brushes with Bonus No-Stretch Technology Versions

The Garage Grime Vector Brushes are a set of four packs, each with 15 unapologetically gritty Illustrator brushes (including some no-stretch vector brushes) that will make your work look as though it was drawn on paper.

So we dug around in the grimiest, most rugged place we know: our garages. And it was there that we found 65-year-old old wax crayons, oil stains, grease drips and everything we need to make this vector brush pack.

Inspired by a pack of 1950s wax oil crayons we found just sitting in a garage – hence the name – these brushes recreate the rough, unfiltered sketches made by commercial artists in the mid 20th century, and will add that vital human touch to your designs and illustrations.

Click here to go behind the scenes and see how we made the pack


Here's exactly what you get when you buy the pack today:

60 ready-to-use vector brushes made and inspired by our grimy garage treasures

Every week for the next 4 weeks you'll receive 15 new vector brushes (total of 60). Each pack will be unique and different, but they will all be garage grime inspired.

No-stretch vector brush versions.

Each pack will come with a limited set of bonus no-stretch versions of some of the brushes. That means no matter how long or short you make the stroke it won't look distorted. 

The no-stretch brushes will be in addition to the 15 you get. For example, in the first pack (The Oil & Grease Vector Brush Pack) you'll get 7 no-stretch brushes in addition to the 15 standard Oil & Grease Brushes

Vector Brush Reference Guide.

Each pack comes with an inspiring and beautifully designed brush reference guide. This makes it easy to see what each brush looks like. Plus, each reference guide includes the history behind the set.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions.

We want you enjoy these brushes right away, so we've made easy to follow instructions with pictures. That mean's less time worrying about installation and more time creating!

Exclusive Access

These packs are being offered at an Early Bird price to our very best customers. So we're only making 200 packs available at this special price. That means you'll get this at least 6 weeks before the general public. Plus, you get that Early Bird discount!

A New Pack Each Week

Getting new brushes in your inbox is cool. Plus, when you receive packs like this delivered over time it's like getting that extra thing you needed to take this weeks project to the next level.

In fact, from previous customers that have received our subscription packs have told us this was one of the most useful parts about buying the packs.

So What Exactly Will I Get Today?

As soon as you buy the pack we'll immediately send you the Oil & Grease Vector Brush Pack. This included 15 Oil & Grease vector brushes, 7 no-stretch Oil & Grease vector brushes, a reference guide, and easy-to-follow instructions

Then each week after, you'll recieve a new pack with a different Garage Grime theme.

These Will Sell Out

These packs have been selling like crazy. Probably because they're insanely useful, the price is stupid low, and you get a surprise in your inbox each week. 

There are 200 packs available and if the last pack is any indication this will sell out FAST. We estimate they'll sell out within a few days.

Some customers were frustrated that the deal sold out so quick. So I wanted to give you a good amount of warning. 

If you want to get a new pack delivered each week (plus, bonuses) then grab the pack NOW.

I'm not trying to create buzz here - this happened last time and I just want to make sure people aren't upset or surprised when it's gone. 

Thanks for supporting the shop! As always, contact us if you have any questions or need any help!

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