The Top 10 RetroSupply Products of 2015

December 31, 2015

The Top 10 RetroSupply Products of 2015

RetroSupply Top Selling Products of 2015

We released 27 products in 2015 including brushes, textures, actions, fonts and templates.

Like any business, some of our products sell way better than others. Here's a list of the top 10 best-selling products we released in 2015.

If there's a product you're missing, or have been meaning to buy, nows a great time. There's still a few more hours before the new year. So you can write off your products as business expenses (if you're a business owner or freelancer)!

The I Want It All Kit by RetroSupply

1. The I Want It All Kit

Get everything we've ever made at a great price. This pack naturally tops our list as it has the highest sales due to the higher price.

However, keep in mind, when you buy this pack you're getting EVERYTHING we've currently made. So although the price is a bit high, you're getting a lot of value at a hugely discounted price.

Click here to check out the I Want It All Kit now

The Vector Brush Toolbox by RetroSupply

2. The Vector Brush Toolbox

We realized that there wasn't a good selection of brushes for Adobe Illustrator on the market. So we decided to make our own massive collection, RetroSupply style.

This pack includes every type of natural media we could think of including: pens, pencils, water and ink, halftones and chalk. And of course, like all RetroSupply products we built the product using historical source material whenever possible.

Click here to check out The Vector Brush Toolbox

The Mid-Century Print Pack by RetroSupply

3. The Mid-Century Print Pack

This pack has been a top seller for nearly two years now. It's no wonder. It's basically a pack of shortcuts for creating mid-century inspired print work.

Instead of searching, experimenting, and wasting tons of time trying to get this look just buy the pack. You'll get incredible results in minutes.

This one is especially worth looking at the preview images.

Check out The Mid-Century Print Pack here

VectorTone by RetroSupply

4. VectorTone

Our premier pack from The Vector Brush Toolbox. This pack immediately sold like crazy and showed up all over Dribbble.

This pack contains heaps of halftones and lines that you can't paint on to your work in Illustrator. What makes it really cool is that all the textures were scanned and converted from a post-war army surplus catalog. Neato!

Learn more about the pack here

VectorFuzz by RetroSupply

5. VectorFuzz

I remember when I first started trying to create retro looking work in Illustrator. I kept trying to get this sponge/dry brush effect in Illustrator. It never worked!

This pack solves the problem by giving you rich, beautiful sponge/dry brush effects that look amazing. It's worth noting that due to the detail of these brushes it's CPU intensive.

Click here to check it out

VectorHero by RetroSupply

6. VectorHero

You might remember that earlier this year we launched a new site called FizzleStock. It includes tons of REAL historical art you can use in your projects. It was those natural ink brush strokes that inspired VectorHero.

This was a tricky one because we literally scanned old illustrations, cut out strokes, then vectorized them with the pen tool. We also used our own collection of brush pens to get some additional strokes!

Click here to check out VectorHero

VectorSketch by RetroSupply

7. VectorSketch

Another pack from The Vector Brush Toolbox (I'm telling you, this pack has been popular!)

Made from real pencil strokes from nearly 100 different pencils we purchased and spent all day creating strokes with.

Check out VectorSketch here

American Wood Type by RetroSupply

8. American Wood Type

I have to admit. This one surprised me. We have a pack called Analog Ink Foundry that does essentially the same thing. The difference? American Wood Type is a set of actions, so it requires zero work on your part to get the effect.

This is another one worth just going to look at the preview images. Whether you purchase the product or not, the textures and designs will give you some cool ideas!

Check out American Wood Type here

VectorSupply by RetroSupply

9. VectorSupply

This was one of our earliest packs and I still love it! It's a goodie bag full of different vector textures, brushes and overlays.

Great for projects where you want to stay in Illustrator but need to add some texture to your work.

Click here to check out VectorSupply

DragStrip by Glitschka Studios

10. Dragstrip (Glitschka Studios)

On the way to Creative South 2015 I was lucky enough to be sitting on the plane next to Von Glitschka, one of my personal design heroes!

We ended up hitting it off and within a few months released this pack of vector brushes together. It was no surprise when this product flew off the shelves. Just look at what can be achieved with these brushes!

Click here to check out Dragstrip by Glitschka Studios now

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