The One-Hour Photo Filter Collection for Adobe Photoshop

Historically Accurate Analog Actions and Brushes for Photoshop

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100+ analog Photoshop filters hand-picked by a professional Photoshop filter expert and a vintage camera enthusiast.

  • 100 historically accurate analog Photoshop actions (vintage fades, film noise, matte effects, fades, film dust, and more).
  • 21 film brushes to add authentic touches (i.e. dusty negatives, lens scratches).
  • Non-destructive and well-organized. Your photo is never touched. The actions build 100% customizable effects around your photo and put them in a tidy folder.
  • Easily stack and customize effects. Drag-and-drop folders to restack effects and create your own unique look. Plus, all effects can be toggled on and off and adjusted from 0-100%.
  • All filters created by professional Photoshop filter creator Mike Maloney of FilterGrade.
  • Best of all, they're 100% customizable. Everything is placed in neatly packed folders that are easy to adjust.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 and above

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 5.49 MB

Picture yourself adding historical analog effects to your photos in Photoshop effortlessly. You click an action and like magic, these actions build professional made photo effects.

See descriptions below for the details on every pack you get when you buy the pack today.

FilmStock (Regular Price $29)

Ever been curious how other photographers get such authentic looking analog photos? I definitely have.

There are a lot of tiny details that really make an image look like true film. The slight saturation and decrease in exposure, the small particles of dust and film grain, and the vibrant reds and oranges. But there is one effect that is constantly passed up.

It’s powerful when used correctly. Almost hard to notice when perfectly applied. Want to know what I’m describing?

Light leaks.

What are light leaks? Light leaks are the vibrant and overexposed leaks of sun and color that brighten an image. They take a bland vintage effect and make it colorful.

FilmStock is built to simulate these film leaks and apply them to your photos. Not only light leaks, but the details that really make them impact the photo. A soft washed out fade in the background, analog error and bleaching effects, and even the film grain.

Here’s Exactly What You Get:

  • 30 Analog Film Photoshop Actions
  • 20 Film Dust & Scratch Brushes for Photoshop
  • Noise & Grain Filters
  • Analog Error Effects
  • A Huge Collection of Light Leaks
  • Vintage Washed Out Faded Looks
  • Help Files & Video Demos

All actions are non-destructive and stackable, so you can add as many or as few as you’d like.

Go wild and create the perfect film look for your photography work!

ColorWash (Regular Price $29)

Turn your photos into beautiful faded images with this set of Photoshop actions. Add the same tints and light leaks you see in professional advertising campaigns.

You can create any of these effects in seconds by playing multiple actions at once, mixing them up, and tweaking them to perfection.

Here’s exactly what you get with ColorWash:

  • 30 Faded Photoshop Actions
  • Grain and Film Noise Filters
  • Ultra-Realistic Light Leaks and Glares
  • The easy-to-use Play All action to speed up your process.
  • Help Files & Free Support
  • FREE BONUS – Grab ColorWash today and get a free set of distorted wash textures.

Edit your photos with ColorWash and get the beautiful retro fades you want.

RetroSeries (Regular Price $12)

Add beautiful retro matte effects to your photos in seconds with the FilterGrade Retro Series I.

Retro Series I is a fantastic pack of 20 effects varying from the simplest subtle retro tones to the more advanced gradients. These effects were tested on hundreds of photos making them versatile and adaptable to look great on your photos.

FilterGrade Retro Series I Includes:

  • 20 State of the Art Retro Photo Actions
  • Advanced Vintage Filters and Tints
  • Help Files and Documentation

Light Leaks Series II (Regular Price $12)

Easily add realistic light leaks to your photos in seconds with Light Leaks Series II.

Light leaks are perfect for emulating vintage photography and film. These actions beautifully overlay light and sun flares/leaks on your photos making them look natural and beautiful.

FilterGrade Light Leaks Series II Includes:

  • 20 State of the Art Light Effects
  • Advanced One-Click Light Leaks
  • Help Files and Documentation
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