Retro Effects | Classic Collection Bundle for Affinity Designer

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Nobody would tell me their secrets... so I made this.

Retro Effects is a collection of high leverage brushes, textures, and overlays designed specifically to add small touches to your work that make a big difference.

  • 66 Retro Textures made from real source material
  • 60 Retro Brushes including subtle grain, subtle ink, halftones, folds and scratches
  • 34 Retro Ephemera including vintage paper and retro schematics
  • Instructions and brush reference sheet PDFs
  • Compatible with Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo

Software: Affinity Designer

Persona: Pixel Persona

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 3.1 GB

Here's the long detailed list of everything you get:

  • All items carefully crafted from real source materials
  • Halftone Supply Kit (7 high-resolution halftone textures)
  • Paper Supply (9 high-resolution authentic WWII era paper textures)
  • Subtle Ink Supply Kit (5 high-resolution subtle ink textures)
  • The Makery (16 high-resolution authentic experimental screenprint textures pulled at The Makery in Los Altos, California)
  • The Old Hardware Store (17 high-resolution inked textures made with an old can of paint and a bucket of brushes and rollers from a hardware store on Main street)
  • The Underground Print Shop (12 high-resolution screen printed textures)
  • Retro Schematics (18 high-resolution vintage schematics and diagrams)
  • Paper Archaeology Pack (7 high-resolution vintage paper)
  • Retro Folds Brush Set (7 high-resolution brushes to simulate aged paper folds)
  • Retro Scratch Brush Set (12 high-resolution brushes to add scratches and grime to your work)
  • Subtle Grain Brush Set (20 high-resolution brushes to simulate subtle grit and grime)
  • Underground Print Shop Brush Set (11 high-resolution brushes made from screen printed textures)
  • Subtle Ink Brush Set (10 high-resolution brushes perfect for adding subtle texture)
  • Installation Instructions PDF complete with easy-to-follow pictures

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"Best thing I ever bought! Fantastic!"

Mark Wagner

"I own some pricey plugins that don't work as well as your products."

Evan Matthew Jones

"So freaking great. Thanks for making this."

Jonathan Mead

"Looks amazing Dustin, can't wait to put these to use!"

Andrew Dale

"Bought it. Love it. You had me at "60+ year old paper from World War II. Literally, from the ships."

Kristi Colvin