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With RetroSupply's digital brush packs for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, creating killer digital art has never been easier. Our incredible collection of Affinity Brushes gives you instant access to the best digital tools for creating unique works of art, with Affinity textures and effects you'll wish you had all along.

Want it all and want it now? Shop RetroSupply's Affinity Bundles and instantly fill your digital toolbox with the essentials!

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We set out on a journey to find out exactly how to screenprint artwork in Procreate with our ColorLab brush pack. From screen prep to post-production, it's all here.

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Affinity Designer Bundles

The Complete Collection for Affinity is your all-inclusive pass to our entire collection of templates and brushes for Affinity Designer. From retro glitch effects and inking pens to print textures and comic book halftones, this Affinity brushes collection will have you feeling like a kid in a candy shop, whether you’re digitally doodling for fun or creating custom elements to store in Affinity Designer Assets.

Affinity Brushes

No matter what look you’re going for, RetroSupply is sure to have the right brushes for the job. Here, you’ll find everything from authentic vintage halftone colors with the Colorlab Comic Color Kit for Affinity, or amazing woodcut, block print effects in the Woodcut Brush Kit!

The IndustryPress Brush Kit makes adding intricate, late 19th-century line work to your pieces, and the RetroGrain Shaders will give you all the grainy textured goodness you could ever want. Need a boatload of texture on the fly? The TurboTextures Brush Kit is the do-all texture pack to quickly and effortlessly add texture to your work in only like, 5 seconds.

Sometimes all you need are the essentials, and with the Essential Affinity Brush Bundle, that’s all you’ll get! With 16 of our best-selling Affinity Designer brush packs, you’ll have access to a whopping 796 brushes from famed brush packs like the Gouache Shaders, Grave Etcher, DupliTone Halftone Brushes, VectorHero Ink Brushes, and more!

The Vector Brush Toolbox for Affinity Designer features five of RetroSupply’s best-selling vector brush packs, giving you everything you need for any and all vector-based drawings. And since they’re sourced from real materials, your work looks as authentic as the textured they were designed to mimic!

For the best pack of 40 historically inspired charcoal brush pencils you can get your hands on, you need the VectorSketch Charcoal Pencil Pack for Affinity Designer. This pressure-sensitive pencil and charcoal pack includes soft charcoal pencils, compress charcoal, willow sticks, carpenter pencils, and those trusty No. 2’s to make your hand-drawn digital design dreams come true. The Inkwash Vector Ink & Water Brushes makes it stupidly simple to add mid-century inspired ink wash textures to your work, because we like to make things stupidly simple whenever we can. You’re welcome.

Junk up your work in the best possible way with our collection of gunky, gooey, grimey ink and distressor brushes. For instance, when you want your art to look like a glorious compilation of drizzles, gloops and blotchy ink, you turn to Broken Inkers; and when you need your work to look like it just had the ever-loving crap kicked out of it, you get the Edge & Fold Distressor Brushes! Want to just roughen up the edges to show ‘em who’s boss? In that case, the dry ink textures of the Fuel Station Vector Brushes will do just fine.

Affinity Designer Textures

RetroSupply’s Affinity Designer textures are an easy way to add cool effects to your work. The Lo-Fi Grain and Noise Brushes for Affinity Designer will be your best-kept secret for achieving that retro look you love so much to any piece. If distortion-effects are more your jam, the Glitch Effects Affinity Bundle is our ultimate collection of vintage-style glitch effects and overlays that are sure to conjure up memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons on that rabbit-eared analog TV.

Surely you didn’t think we forgot to harness the glorious textures of comic books! Our Paper Boy Comic Book Paper Textures for Affinity is a magical compilation of paper textures perfect for mimicking that cheap vintage comic book look you love so much; and since you can control the intensity of the paper, ink, and textures, you’ve got complete control over how subtle or intense it turns out!

As an official Affinity flagship shop, RetroSupply is proud to offer Affinity Designer brushes, textures, and bundle packs used by upcoming and professional illustrators alike to create seriously amazing works of art. Shop our incredible selection of digital tools today and take your work to the next level!