1940S Industrial Mock-Up and Photo Set for Adobe Photoshop

Retro Images and Mock-Ups for Photoshop

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These photographs are inspired by American industrial design of the 1940's.

Each item in these photographs has been carefully curated to evoke the design aesthetic of this important time in history.

  • Tons of vintage processed and unprocessed images for you to professionally display your work
  • High-resolution images for crisp, clean details
  • 22 images have built-in smart object for easy mock-ups
  • Great for seeing your logo in use and showing your client a realistic representation of their logo

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 and above

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 1.1 GB

In this pack you'll find:

  • Rugged wooden surface made from rough sawn timber.
  • Antique goods including 76 year old books, cone top beer cans, film cans, and a 1950's projector.
  • Curated goods inspired by 1940's design including Moleskine notebooks and mason jars.
  • Dark patina letter tray, aged Owen desk cubby, and weathered wood salvaged from fruit crates.

Here's what you get:

  • 55 high resolution (5472 x 3642 pixels) photographs processed with vintage aesthetics.
  • 99 unprocessed photographs of American industrial goods (some duplicated of above photos)
  • 22 images with built in smart objects for easy mock-ups.
  • Objects include business cards, crates, boxes, bottles and tags — plus a LOT more.
  • Crisp clear pictures even at large sized.
  • Lots of low field of depth shots resulting in a smooth bokeh effect.

Photographs like these often go for $25 each. But you can get this package of 174 photographs for just $19.

Download 3 free sample images here:


Here's some real world uses for this set of photographs:

  • Logo mock-ups
  • Backgrounds for logo presentations
  • Hero image on a website
  • Background for typography
  • Blog post image
  • Ads
  • Magazine

I know that I see designers use these types of images to showcase there work all over the web. I was never able to locate a good collection of them. So I made these. I hope you guys like them!