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Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS4 and above

Give Your Typography a Letterpress Inspired Look!

You know how your burger just wouldn't be the same without secret sauce? RetroSauce does the same for your typography. Just choose a retro texture condiment and press play. Magically your typography get's a delicious dose of RetroSauce!

RetroSauce makes it easy and fast to add letterpress and screenprint inspired effects to your designs. Just choose a layer, pick your color and press play. It's that simple!

Here's what you get:

  • 13 RetroSauce actions. Just click Play and transform your typography.
  • 13 secret sauce textures each with their own unique flavor.
  • Textures include classic letterpress, mesh screen, wood, subtle ink flaws and more!
  • Easy to understand tutorial video.
  • Unlink layer mask and move texture for additional customization.
  • Slightly adjust layers for surprising misregistration effects!
  • Put it on burgers, brats, hotdogs and more! Delicious! *

Don't do that. Actually if you can figure out a way to put Photoshop actions onto your burger more power to you!

Category: Actions, Photoshop

Type: Adobe Photoshop

RetroSauce | LetterPress Action has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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