The Essential Procreate Brush Bundle

A Money-Saving Bundle for Procreate

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Ten of our best-selling Procreate brush packs in one killer bundle! Get our famous Gouache Shader brushes, DupliTone halftone brushes, Cross-Country Cross Hatchers, IndustryPress, Deep Cuts engraving brushes, Mr. Marker, The Dead Pen inking brushes, Broken Inkers, TransferTone, and Standard Pencils.

  • 10 best-selling Procreate brush packs
  • 300+ professional brushes, including gouache, clean halftones, gritty halftones, hatchers, stippling, engravers, and more.
  • Includes quick and easy instructions and brush reference sheet.
  • Updated to work on Procreate 5.0
  • Save $177

Here's what you get:

Gouache Shader Brushes for Procreate ($15)

If you've ever seen illustrations with rich classic textures full of depth, this brush pack is for you. You'll get 8 liner brushes, 20 fixed-width brushes, 20 varied opacity brushes, and 20 varied size brushes. Its uses are nearly endless. And it will help you achieve a time-consuming and frustrating effect with ease (and probably a smile on your face).

DupliTone Halftone Brushes for Procreate ($29)

The only halftone brush pack you'll ever need. 108 dot and line halftones brushes designed to layer perfectly. Use them to add quick halftone textures or go all out and create seamless nuanced shading. You have to see them to believe them!

Cross-Country Cross Hatchers for Procreate ($15)

96 cross-hatching brushes to give you perfect cross-hatching textures in your illustrations. Includes smooth-edged and rough-edged versions. Layer them for the ultimate cross-hatch shading effects!

IndustryPress ($12)

A set of Procreate brushes that allow you to get intricate engraved line work from the late 19th century. Includes 8 brushes as well as hi-res grunge overlay textures.

TransferTone | Dry Transfer Brushes for Procreate ($19)

A collection of 85 pattern brushes for Procreate inspired by dry transfers of the 1970s and 1980s. Includes pressure-sensitive versions. Tested to death to make sure there are no seams or hairlines. These brushes are perfect.

Broken Inkers Brush Set for Procreate ($12)

The Broken Inkers Brush Set is the perfect brush set for creating realistic inky pen effects in Procreate. This brush pack is ideal for a wide range of uses, including comic books, cartoons, hand lettering, and more.

The Dead Pen | A Wicked Cool Hand Drawn Tool Kit for Procreate ($15)

The Dead Pen Hand Drawn Toolkit for Procreate is a collection of 42 brushes that make it easy and fun to create your own liner pen inspired work.

Deep Cuts for Procreate ($29)

Create authentic engraving and bespoke ink effects with ease. With our ground-up build of the engraver's brush pack, you can now create a stunning variety of different styles with relative simplicity in Procreate!

Standard Pencil Pack for Procreate ($12)

Five classic all-purpose pencils for Procreate. Includes sharp, dull, hard, soft, and aged. This pack is tiny but mighty — with pencils that you'll love for everything from sketching to final illustrations.

Mr. Marker for Procreate ($19)

15 unique markers designed to emulate the look of well-worn and loved student-grade markers. Includes fine-tuned touches you'll love like streaky lines, low ink, smashed tips, and quirky color buildups.

Software: Procreate Version 5.0 and above

Hardware: iPad Pro or iPad 2017 or higher

iPadOS: Version 13.2 or higher.

Storage:496.5 MB (each pack can be downloaded individually)