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Drawing Essentials for Procreate

Coffe and donut, sweet and sour, pen and paper: there's power in unions. With this in mind, this Drawing Essentials combination has been paired to make it easy to sketch and ink your work on our vintage paper.

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Comic Paper Textures for Procreate
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The Basics

A pencil, pen, and paper will take you a long way. Whether your developing ideas or creating a final piece these tools will get the job done.

They'll capture the look of the real tools with the added bonus of never getting used up.

Dig That Devil Music sketch made with our Standard Pencil Pack and Paper Boy Paper Textures. Artwork by Robin Banks.

Tested and True

We didn't make these once and forget about them. We use them in our own work week in and week out. Our illustrator, Robin Banks, has clocked nearly a hundred hours on them in the past year.

Use the pencils to develop your ideas. Practice using fluid strokes with the pens for energetic line work. Add the magic of vintage art with our wide selection of paper templates.

Tiki Bandits sketch made with the Standard Pencil Pack. Artwork by Robin Banks.