Lettering Library Mega Bundle

[Holiday Sale] Save $148 for the next seven days. The creator only let's us offer this once a year. Don't miss out!

Imagine having your own collection of rare lettering books. We're talking 125 books worth over $10,000 in your lettering arsenal in convenient PDF format. For the next few hours you can have it for just $197!

Curator, Jason Carne, spent over $10,000 to acquire this rare collection of 125 rare historical lettering books.

  • 125 rare, vintage books on hand lettering give you an in-depth understanding of hand lettering and sign painting
  • Carefully photographed, processed, and converted into PDF's so you can take your collection anywhere.
  • Cost over $10,000 to acquire, but you can have the entire digital library at your disposal forever in beautiful PDF format for just $197.
  • Save over 60% off the retail price (buying all these packs on Lettering Library would normally cost between $500 and $700).
  • From lettering artist Jason Carne's personal library (he's done work for companies and bands like Disney, Warner Brothers, Foo Fighters, and Wu-Tang Clan).

The Best Way to Crush It in Hand Lettering and Sign Painting

Hand lettering and sign painting have experienced a resurgence in the past few years.

Designers that know how to do hand lettering get more jobs and make more money because it's in such high demand.

But learning hand lettering is time-consuming and hard.

Like any skill the best way to excel quickly and make great work is to build on a rock solid foundation.

Luckily, our good friend Jason Carne at Lettering Library has been curating a library of rare vintage lettering books worth over $10,000.

Say hello to the Lettering Library Mega Bundle.

The Lettering Library Mega Bundle is a master class in the art of hand lettering and sign painting. With 125 rare books packed with real life exercises, lettering theory, inspiration, and plenty of diagrams and examples, you'll never need to buy another lettering book again.

When this bundle went on sale earlier this year designers and hand lettering enthusiasts went bananas for it.

Here's just some of the areas that the Lettering Library Mega Bundle tackles:

  • The time-honored fundamentals of lettering like how to hold your pen, stroke direction, and letter proportions
  • Exercises so you have structured practices to improve your lettering skills fast
  • Thousands of inspirational images (deep knowledge of historical lettering trends is a common trait of in-demand letterers)
  • Diagrams of letters to show you proper proportion and construction of characters in hundreds of styles

If you were to try to hunt down and buy these books yourself, you would easily spend over $10,000 (not including all the time it would take to find them)

If you were to purchase the PDF's from Jason any regular day they would cost between $500 and $700. These books are so dense with information it would be worth every penny. You can study and practice from these books the rest of your life.

But for a limited time, Jason gave us the okay to offer you this pack for just $197 (regularly $500+).

Last time this bundle was offered it was purchased by hundreds of lettering artists in just a few days!

Jason told me he won't be selling it again for this price for a LONG time (maybe never). So this is a no-brainer.

The Lettering Library Mega Bundle is your secret weapon to becoming a hand lettering genius. Grab it now!

Note: In case it isn't 100% obvious this pack won't magically make you a lettering genius. You'll need to put in the work. But each time you practice you'll know you have the absolute best resources available. Plus, you can even brag to your designer friends that you have a digital collection of rare books that are next to impossible to find.

Bonus: Download a FREE lettering book from the pack. Just this one book in the pack includes resources like working with pencils, brushes, speedballs, letter spacing, stylized lettering, calligraphy, and more!

Remember, this is just one of 125 books in the collection. You can own all 125 of them for just $197.


"I bought it within 5 seconds of seeing it (which is faster than I make impulse buys in the chips section of the grocery store). Treat yo self to this invaluable resource OR boyfriends/girlfriends of letterers: buy this for your type-obsessed significant other and win holiday gift giving for life."

Lauren Hom

"All my design, illustration, type friends... CHECK THIS OUT! Jason Carne has assembled the Avengers of type instruction and cataloging. This is an insane deal and you should check it out! Jason is the real deal."

Lenny Terenzi

"Lettering Library is a great source of inspiration for all typography artists and designers."

Dave Smith

"Easiest decision I've made all year."

Lance Corlett

This is a Digital Collection

I think this is obvious, but just to be clear, this pack is a collection of 125 PDFs created from Jason's collection of authentic vintage lettering books. You are not buying physical books.

Note: The discounted price is based on the cost of these books if you were to purchase them individually from Lettering Library.