Office Supplies

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Craving a little bit of old-school charm in your digital art?

We've got you covered with our Office Supplies artifacts and ephemera clip art. Adding each piece to your work is fast and easy thanks to professionally crafted transparent PNGs. 

Choose from over 100 pieces of ephemera including:

  • Adhesives (glue, yellowed tape, masking tape)
  • Fasteners (paper clips, staples, string)
  • Ink stamps (postal, commerce, banking)
  • Stains (water, oxidation, chemical, beverages)

Delivered as a 4-Part Drip Series

Office Supplies is designed to give you a steady dose of inspiration every week. That means you get a new drop every 7 days (for a total of 4 collections).

Here are all the collections you'll receive:

  • Clips and Tape. Metal fasteners, paper clips, masking tape, magic tape, painter's tape, staples, deformed staples, string ties, and more. Includes a mixture of new and rusted and yellowed items.
  • Paper Stains. Glue abrasions, moisture rings, finger oils, yellowed adhesive, ink droplets, foxing, soiling, tannin line. and more.
  • Ink Stamps. Third class mail, U.S. mail, inspection stamps, order forms, miscellaneous numbers, routing number, made in the U.S.A., postal processing marks, PAID, and more.
  • Shop Stickers. Pricing gun labels, scalloped price tags, sale tags, barcodes, round stickers, starburst stickers, and more. Includes blank and printed versions in a wide range of colors.


File size: 140 MB

File type: PNG

Quantity: 125