Standard Pencil Pack for Photoshop

Analog-inspired pencils for Photoshop

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Five classic all-purpose pencils for Photoshop. Includes sharp, dull, hard, soft, and aged. This pack is tiny but might—with pencil that you'll love for everything from sketching to final illustrations.

  • Five pencils you'd find in your workspace including sharp, dull, hard, aged and soft graphite.
  • Treat 'em like real pencils you find laying around (except you can use them in Photoshop so they never run out).
  • Includes installation instructions and quick reference sheet.

Software: Photoshop CC

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 28.1

You know how important pencils are to your work. They're used for everything from sketches to final illustration work. We wanted to give you a pack no-nonsense pack of pencil brushes.

So here's five of the best pencils you're going to find anywhere for Photoshop. Made and tested by professional illustrators and designers. To know them is to love them. Grab 'em now.