The Liner Brush Pack for Photoshop

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Software Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CC and above

Make realistic pen and ink line art with this collection of 24 brushes for Photoshop. Includes inkers, pencils, charcoal, chalk, fillers, washes and more.

  • 22 Photoshop brushes inspired by ink illustrations.
  • Made by hours of side-by-side comparisons with real ink illustrations.
  • Includes a variety of inkers, charcoal, pens, pencils, fillers, and washes.
  • Tested by professional illustrators on real client projects.
  • Inspired by the line art in a children's magic book from 1955.

The Liner Brush Pack for Photoshop was inspired by pen and ink illustrations from a book called Spooky Magic published in 1955. We loved the artwork so much we carefully worked to create the brushes through side-by-side comparisons between the Photoshop brushes and the original artwork.

This pack includes 24 carefully curated brushes designed to make creating ink and line style illustrations a breeze. Includes classic inkers, dribbley inkers, pencils, charcoal, toothy fillers, old wax, and much more.

The Liner Brush Pack for Photoshop has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 8 reviews.

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