RetroSauce - Wood Block Print Action

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  • A big pack of actions and textures that will give your typography an authentic retro quality
  • Includes 13 actions and textures such as letterpress, mesh screen, wood, and more
  • Easily customize the actions and textures to get the perfect look for your project
Give Your Typography Authentic Textures Fast!

You know how your burger just wouldn't be the same without secret sauce? RetroSauce does the same for your typography. Just choose a retro texture condiment and press play. Magically your typography gets a delicious dose of RetroSauce!

RetroSauce makes it easy and fast to add letterpress and screenprint inspired effects to your designs. Just choose a layer, pick your color and press play. It's that simple!

Here's what you get:

• 13 RetroSauce actions. Just click Play and transform your typography.
• 13 secret sauce textures each with their own unique flavor.
• Textures include classic letterpress, mesh screen, wood, subtle ink flaws and more!
• Easy to understand tutorial video.
• Unlink layer mask and move texture for additional customization.
• Slightly adjust layers for surprising misregistration effects!
• Put it on burgers, brats, hotdogs and more! Delicious! *

*Don't do that. Actually if you can figure out a way to put Photoshop actions onto your burger more power to you!
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