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  • This kit is perfect for quickly adding textures to your work, without having to spend valuable time searching and adjusting to get it just right
  • Give your work a warm vintage look by adding textures to an otherwise smooth design
  • Includes high-res textures, folds, distressed edges, cracks, coffee rings, oil splatters, water stains, and more
  • Easily mix and match the effects to customize the look and intensity you want
Each Image Above Took 10 Seconds or Less to Distress. Want to know how?

Watch the demo video below

If you're like me you probably love giving your work classic vintage textures. 

But as much as I enjoy it — it can take a lot of time to get right. And if you're a busy designer, sometimes you just need to get your work done! 

The RetroSupply Quick Textures Kit is a crazy easy solution to this. 

This pack makes it stupid fast to get great looking retro textures.

Here's 6 cool things it can do:

• Choose from 10 different hi-res textures (4000px by 2800px).
• Get realistic details with source images including Portland Cement, cracked paint and more.
• Add antique folds, distressed edges and soft paper fiber textures by turning a layer on.
• Choose from 5 different stain effects including coffee ring, oil splatter, water stain and more.
• Change the base paper color as well as the background color without effecting your work.
• Mix and match effects by toggling buttons — millions of combinations.

Not sure if this product is for you? Wondering if you'll get good use out of it?

You should buy this product if:

• You need a way to give your work a high quality distressed effect fast.
• You're often on tight deadlines and need to create logo mock-ups in a hurry.
• You don't want to spend hours in Photoshop.
• You want to spend your time crafting a design solution — not adding textures.
• You're looking for a way to add that something extra to your work pronto.

You should NOT buy this product if:

• You have lots of extra hours to carefully distress your work.
• You've got time to burn. Your boss likes when you work slowly. 
• You have a time machine so you can make your work distressed for real.

To make a long story short the RetroSupply Premium Quick Textures are a fast and easy way to get a REALLY convincing weathered and classic look.

Plus, if you don't mind spending an extra 30 seconds tweaking your work you can really customize it : )

The RetroSupply Better Than Money Back Guarantee
If you use this product and it doesn't give you a distressed look you love in under 30 seconds — I'll give you your money back. Even if you like the product!

Grabbing this product is completely risk free. Plus, it's sure to be a useful part of your design arsenal. 

Category: Photoshop, Templates

Type: Layer Styles

Premium Quick Texture PSD Kit has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 16 reviews.

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