The Essential Illustrator Brush Bundle for Adobe Illustrator

830+ Brushes for Illustrator

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Ten of our best-selling Adobe Illustrator brush packs in one killer bundle! Get our famous Gouache Shader brushes, DupliTone Halftone Swatches, The Dead Pen Inking Brushes, Deep Cuts, Engraving Brushes, Cross-Country Cross Hatchers, Gouache Shader Brushes, VectorHero, The Woodcut Brush Kit, DryGoods Chalk Brushes, InkWash, and VectorSketch.

  • 10 best-selling Adobe Illustrator brush packs
  • 300+ professional brushes, including gouache, clean halftones, gritty halftones, hatchers, engravers, and more.
  • Includes quick and easy instructions and brush reference sheet.
  • Save $177

    Here's what you get:

    DupliTone | Halftone Swatches ($29)

    A collection of dot and line halftone swatches– apply them to your shapes or paint them on! DupliTone was built from the start with classic vintage offset printing in mind. Capture the classic look of print found on consumer packaging, cheap print work, and ephemera.

    The Dead Pen | A Wicked Cool Hand Drawn Tool Kit ($29) 

    Give your work a hand-drawn fine liner pen look with this collection of 20 scatter brushes, 16 line brushes, 26 no-stretch pattern brushes, 9 pattern swatches, and 2 pieces of Ai artwork so you can see exactly how the brushes are applied.

    Deep Cuts | Engraving Brushes ($29)

    Create authentic engraving and bespoke ink effects with ease. With our ground-up build of the engraver's brush pack, you can now create a stunning variety of different styles with relative simplicity in Adobe Illustrator!

    Cross Country Crosshatchers | Brushes and Swatches ($29) 

    216 center and edge hatching brushes to give you perfect crosshatching textures in your illustration and 48 cross hatching swatches that are perfect for use with the Blob Brush tool. Plus, you get two time-lapse videos and one narrated tutorial of the artist showing you how to use the brushes.

    Gouache Shader Brushes ($19)

    Create lush gouache style illustrations in Adobe Illustrator with this vector brush pack. Includes liners, gouache shader brushes, and edge shader brushes. If you've ever seen illustrations with rich classic textures that are full of depth, this brush pack is for you. 

    VectorHero: Ink Brushes ($19)

    40 ink pen brushes that let you quickly achieve the same kind of warm, realistic strokes illustrators used in mid-century commercial illustration work.

    The Woodcut Brush Kit ($29) 

    Give your illustrations realistic woodcut, block print, and linocut effects with this collection of 32 woodcut brushes for Adobe Illustrator and 24 ink texture brushes for adding finishing touches in Photoshop.

    Drygoods: Chalk Brushes ($15)

    23 ultra-realistic chalk brushes, inspired by chalkboard art and sandwich board signs from the '30s. 

    InkWash: Ink and Watercolor Brushes ($19)

    30 ink and water brushes that make it easy to add a wash of color and shading to your work with just the swipe of your mouse.

    VectorSketch: Charcoal Pencils ($19)

    40 deluxe pencil and charcoal brushes to achieve the impossible: realistic pencil strokes in Illustrator. 

    Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

    Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

    Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

    Storage: 1.5 GB