Black Magic Halftones | Halftone Brushes for Procreate

Software Compatibility: Procreate

Grab These Procreate Brushes and in 5-Minutes You'll Be Adding Perfectly Balanced Halftones to Your Illustrations

[UPDATE] Updated for Procreate 5.

Add rich and perfectly made halftones to your work in seconds with this set of 27 Procreate halftone brushes.

Bring eye-catching touches to your illustrations with this perfectly made set of 27 halftone brushes for Procreate.

  • 27 halftone brushes for Procreate to give you perfect halftone patterns in your illustrations.
  • Halftones broken down by percentage (10-90%) for exact control.
  • Includes 9 pressure sensitive graded halftones, 9 perfectly balanced smooth edged halftones, and 9 rough edged halftones
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions for installing from Mac, PC, or just your iPad.
  • Made for Procreate.

Simple Halftones for Every Situation

I'm a sucker for halftones. I tend to use just a few colors in my illustration work. I much prefer to use a grade or two of halftones then different grays.

The halftones give the work a more analog feeling. They trigger my love of retro comic book, mid-century magazine ads, and the Sub Pop Records catalogs I used to get in the mail when I was sixteen.

Black Magic Halftones for Procreate help you quickly achieve that look with a simple but perfectly made set of 27 Procreate brushes.

You get halftones in grades between 10% and 90% in increments of 10 (so you have a great mix of shades to choose from).

Plus, we've made pressure sensitive and fixed gradation versions of each to fit the style of work you do.

We spent a month making these halftones great. Right around 160 hours.

I think the work shows. I love using them and hope you do too!

Buy The Black Magic Halftone Brush Kit now and start adding great looking halftones to your work fast!

Made for Procreate.

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