The Classic Procreate Illustration Brush Pack featuring Sam Larson

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  • 13 natural media brushes for Procreate including pencil, charcoal, ink, gouache, and stipplers.
  • Made from Sam Larson’s personal stash of Procreate brushes.
  • Inspired by American West art as seen on pennants, postcards, decals, and patches from the fifties and sixties.
  • Pressure-sensitive brushes that feel natural to use.
  • Easy installation. Install from your iPad or desktop with no trouble.

“I'm really into travel paraphernalia and souvenir stuff like pennants, postcards, decals, patches — that kind of stuff, especially if it's from the fifties or sixties.”

– Sam Larson | Artist

If you love retro-inspired nature illustration then you should check out Sam Larson.

His art is inspired by the American West and is a throwback to the woodsy souvenirs found in roadside shops you see driving up and down the California coast.

Sam Larson spends a lot of time working in Procreate. But to integrate well with his analog artwork the brushes need to nail the look of natural media.

So Sam spent years whittling down his brush set to 13 natural media brushes. Just the bear (get it, bear) essentials. No filler. Just a working artist's kit of classic brushes.

Now you can own Sam Larson's personal stash of Procreate brushes to use in your own artwork. Here’s what’s included:

  • 1 smooth sketching pencil.
  • 1 mythical texture brush that is perfect for natural lines and textures (the buffalo illustration was pretty much completely made with this one brush).
  • 4 classic inkers (rough and smooth, tapered and not) perfect for natural-looking line art.
  • 1 wildly diverse gouache. Every change of angle and pressure creates a new result.
  • 1 grainy charcoal brush that looks like you’re drawing with charcoal from a campfire (but with way more control).
  • 1 thick and chunky stippling brush for doing hours of stippling work in minutes.
  • 1 speckle shader for adding organic noise to add just a dash of grittiness.
  • 3 hand-saving stippling brushes so you can get extremely controlled stippling work done (without cramping your hand).

If you've been looking for a classic set of natural media brushes for Procreate this is for you. We’ve been playing with the brushes and sharing them with a few friends and the feedback has been amazing.

Everyone who has tried them agrees these are easily 10x a good as the default brushes in Procreate.

Don't wait and forget – grab them now for your toolkit!

The Classic Procreate Illustration Brush Pack featuring Sam Larson has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 20 reviews.

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