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Every RetroSupply Procreate texture starts as a real sample of vintage paper and ephemera. Each texture is then digitized by hand by one of our designers, with attention given to every single pixel. The result is a truly analog sample, reborn for the digital world of Procreate.

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In this blog post, we will be going over how to change the paper color in Procrate in 3 simple steps.

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Screen printing in Procreate

We set out on a journey to find out exactly how to screenprint artwork in Procreate with our ColorLab brush pack. From screen prep to post-production, it's all here.

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Classic retro illustrations and advertisements from a 1953 issue of Boy's Life. Includes advertisements, gouache illustrations, comics, and more.

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RetroSupply Procreate Textures

Whether you’re just starting out in your digital art career or you’re a seasoned pro looking to shake up your texture toolbox, RetroSupply Procreate textures make it simple to incorporate yesteryear’s best printed, painted and hand-drawn looks into your digital designs.

Authentically Sourced Texture Brushes for Procreate

Our [unhealthy] obsession with vintage and mid-century analog design is what fueled our search for the Procreate textures you see before you. We’ve spent countless hours hunting, gathering, restoring and digitizing our finds into ridiculously simple-to-use textures for Procreate, and all for your benefit. Then, we made a bunch of digital art tutorials and articles with our Top Tips For Illustrating in Procreate so you can hit the ground running with little learning curve to trip you up.

Procreate Paper Texture Brush Packs

Whether you need a digital paper backdrop that’s rich in depth or textured with a touch of analog magic, the Phantom Paper pack has 21 high-definition Procreate paper textures for you to choose from. Each paper offers its own unique look and is fully customizable with over 15 drag-and-drop PNGs to give your work authentic old-school touches.

For incredible vintage comic book Procreate texture brushes, look no further than Paper Boy for Procreate. With eight high-res comic paper textures and a customizable layering system, you can easily add the most realistic textures and effects of a classic comic strip–sans the hand cramps.

Need Procreate paper textures chock-full of imperfect personality? Consider Paper Artifacts Procreate Texture & Ephemera Bundle your must-have texture pack. With it, you’ll get 43 quick downloads, high resolution, hand-picked textures and ephemera ranging from official government manuals and historical textures to gramps typing paper and beat-up bus tickets. Ideal for textured overlays, collages, mockups and more, this Procreate texture pack is sure to take your work to the next level.

Of course, if beating the life out of your digital art is really what’s most important, the Edge & Fold Distressor Brushes can certainly give your looks a good talking to. Complete with water stains, smashed edges, ink scruffs, and brittle creases and cracks, subtle or catastrophic damage to your work has never been this mess-free. Check out Edge & Fold Distressor Pack: Volume 2 for even more paper-pummeling texture brushes even Procreate will be afraid to question.

The Complete Collection For Procreate

Want it all and want it now? The Complete Collection for Procreate gives you a massive suite of all our products for Procreate, available to you at the drop of a hat.

Complete with one of the Procreate brushes and Procreate textures we’ve ever made, the Complete Collection for Procreate kicks the digital art doors wide open, holding nothing back for your artistic imagination to discover. Whether you need the gorgeous watercolor paper texture Procreate brushes found in the Loteria Brush Pack or authentic shape, depth and texture brushes bursting with character, depth, simplicity (or to master those really tricky looks that are impossible to achieve freehand), you’ll find it all and so much more in the Complete Collection for Procreate.

Texture Packs For All Digital Art Platforms

Looking for more texture brushes for your other creative software? We’ve got you covered! Find all of your new go-to Photoshop Textures, Illustrator Textures, and Affinity Textures at RetroSupply. Before you go, be sure to snag some Freebie sample products loved by longtime RetroSupply customers!