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Lush Vintage Textures for Photoshop

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What is LetterCraft?
LetterCraft is a PSD kit that makes it easy to give your typographic work a hand crafted feel. This one-step pack lets you create beautiful typographic quotes or logo mock-ups fast. Heehaw!

  • LetterCraft gives you an easy way to add lush textures to your work for a trendy vintage effect
  • Includes a Smart PSD with texture overlays, adjustable ink spray textures, subtle photo darkening effects, an instant "soft black" effect, and a vignette effect, BONUS photo collections, and a video tutorial
  • Extremely easy to use, just place your work inside and adjust the settings to get the look you want
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS4 and above

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 and above

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 541 MB

Here's some cool ways you can use LetterCraft:

  • Grow your Instagram following by creating beautiful and inspiring quotes fast.
  • Create eye catching images to display your typography work in your portfolio.
  • Whip up logo mock-ups that will take your clients breath away.
  • Craft unforgettable hero images for your website with the high resolution PSD and effects.

Plus, all these time saving and easy to use featured are built in:

  • 11 built in textures. Includes: classic grunge, subtle grunge, vintage linen, halftone, old rubber and more.
  • Adjustable edge effects. Includes: letter edges, ink bleed and texture intensity.
  • Easily add subtle ink spray textures. A set of Photoshop brushes for adding custom details.
  • Subtle photo darkening. Your lettering will never blend in with the background image again!
  • Instant "soft black" effect. Give your photos a slightly faded and vintage look.
  • One click vignette. Helps focus your audiences attention on what matters – your work.
  • 4500 x 3000px canvas. Created to fit standard photo dimensions. Just drop your photo in. No weird cropping issues.

Buy LetterCraft now and get $58 in bonuses FREE!

LetterCraft alone is worth $19. But when you grab LetterCraft now you get $58 worth of bonuses. Why all these valuable bonuses for free? Keep reading and I'll tell you...

All summer long I've been taking photographs across the pacific northwest for a secret photo site I've been working on. Unfortunately, I have to put it on hold. As a result I have a stockpile of beautiful images I want to give you with this pack!

Bonus #1 - Retro Adventure Photo Collection ($9 value - yours free)

A collection of 9 photographs inspired by summer/fall adventures as a child.

Bonus #2 - Northwest Summer Photo Collection ($17 value - yours free)

A collection of 37 photographs taken in the wilderness of Puget Sound this summer. Great instant backgrounds for your lettering work.

Bonus #3 - Industrial Relics Photo Collection ($9 value - your free)

A collection of 12 photographs taken in the worn packaging facilities of central Washington. Great instant backgrounds for your lettering work.

Bonus #4 - 3 Part Digital Lettering Video Course - available Thursday at 5:00PM PST ($17 value - yours free)

Creating hand lettered work is awesome. But if you're on a busy schedule (or lazy like me) sometimes you need to get it done without leaving your computer. This lettering course will show you the process for creating faux hand crafted lettering. Includes: font recommendations, time saving software recommendations, and composition. We'll go from start to finish in creating some hand lettering.

Bonus #5 - Subtle Letter Splatter Brushes ($7 value - yours free)

4 LetterCraft subtle PSD brushes. Perfect for adding ink spray effects to your letter work.

If I was selling everything in this pack individually it would retail for $78. But you can grab this entire pack for just $19 right now!

Remember, in addition to LetterCraft you're getting 5 bonuses worth $58 for FREE! Grab LetterCraft Now.