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  • The closest digital option to real authentic letterpress
  • Comes with Smart PSDs that include adjustable background paper textures, 2 ink layers, 1 non-ink embossed layer, brushes, and more
  • Compatible with CS4 and above

"Introducing LetterPress – A Distant Second to a Real LetterPress"

Let's be honest here. No Photoshop set is going to come anywhere near as awesome as a real LetterPress. But if you don't have room in your garage (or $2000 laying around) this is a distant second. Just place your work in the RetroSupply LetterPress folder and you've got yourself great looking Letterpress work.

Here's some of the goodies that come packed in each RetroSupply LetterPress Smart PSD:

• Adjustable background paper color (Get eggshell white, linen or any other color you want)
• LetterPress paper texture
• 2 Ink layers (intentionally restricted to 2 colors to emulate common letterpress work)
• 1 non-ink embossed layer
• Ability to adjust depth, highlights, shadows and other details of the press
• 100% non-destructive. The RetroSupply LetterPress keeps your work safe from data loss.

Here's what you get when you grab the RetroSupply LetterPress now:

• RetroSupply Letterpress Smart PSD (Landscape 3000px by 2000px)
• RetroSupply Letterpress Smart PSD (Portrait 2000px by 3000px)
• LetterPress set of 4 brushes for extra distress if desired (just add layer mask to desired folder)
• RetroSupply Video Tutorial walking you through the process of using LetterPress


Plus when you buy right now you get LetterPress layer styles as a FREE bonus. This is a separate file that allows you to easily use the LetterPress effect in any work without the RetroSupply LetterPress files. Simple right click, copy the layer style, and then paste the layer style into any layer in any Photoshop file.

Grab LetterPress Now!

P.S. Remember, when you buy now you're getting 3 highly customizable premium files, a video tutorial and a FREE bonus (this is worth the entire value of the kit by itself).

Compatible with CS4 and above

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