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Standard Ink Brushes

Each of these 11 brushes has been custom made to deliver the analog aesthetics of traditional inking pens. Get energetic and expressive lines, lines with a subtle gritty texture, pens that emulate the look of ink bleed effects on cheap newsprint, and more.

Standard Pencil Brushes

Five classic all-purpose pencils for Procreate. Includes sharp, dull, hard, soft, and aged. This pack is tiny but might—with pencil that you'll love for everything from sketching to final illustrations.

Feels just like pencils you'd find in your workspace including sharp, dull, hard, aged and soft graphite.

Lo-FI Subtle Grain & Noise Brushes

Get a wide variety of nuanced subtle textures that capture the charm of ink and paper. Perfect for adding soft grain and retro patina. Textures are soft and keep the focus on your work. Each click rotates the texture brush randomly to eliminate any tracy of repeating texture.