The 8 Key RetroSupply Brushes

We're opening the brush vault from RetroSupply. Below you'll find the 8 key brushes that we use at RetroSupply to make art for marketing, merchandise, and events like our Fright-Fall Drawing Challenge.

Here are the 8 key brushes we've included:

Standard Pencil

Just like the classic yellow pencil in your drawer.

Ramen brush

We think it's the best inking brush ever. You be the judge.

Halftone Lines

The perfect analog-style way to shade your work.

Carbon Tab

A charcoal inspired brush for grit and texture.

Perfect Wash

Add an inky wash for shading a building depth.


Grain heaven. Perfect for organic breaks.

Ink Transfer

Just like the ink marks that blot on pages of comics.

Newsprint Grain

Adding a paper texture is just a brush swipe away.