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Member's Only Resources

The Paper Supply Kit - A collection of 9 WWII era retro paper textures.

 Subtle Screen Brushes - 7 subtle halftone/screen brushes to give your work that old print look.

Vintage Logo Collection (Volume 2) -5 custom logo templates. Get that vintage look of factories, auto shops, bakeries and other small town shops of old (AI and PSD included).

Halftone Collection - A collection of halftone textures and a few other surprises. Perfect for placing on top of your work to get a quick halftone effect.

10 Retro Photographs - A collection of 10 retro inspired photographs. Includes a black vintage business card, retro radio, chalkboard, gear and more!

Standard Issue Vector Sampler Pack - This collection of 10 vector samples is pulled directly from the Standard Issue Vector Textures pack. You'll find vector textures, shapes and graphics beautifully organized.


1940s Photo & Mock-Up Sample Kit - This collection of mock-ups and photographs were inspired by 1940s industrial design. The pack includes vintage office goods, a Moleskine notebook, mason jar, and old crate and more. Each image was made using real vintage materials whenever possible. 


5 Textured Mock-Ups - Perfect for presenting work that needs a rough and aged feel. These textured mock-ups are crazy easy to use. Just paste your work into the clearly marked folder. That's it!


The Subtle Brush Kit - The Standard Issue Subtle Brush Kits modest younger brother. This kit will give you some great brushes to start using to build up subtle textures in your work. 

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