Affinity Designer Brush Sampler Pack

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Compatibility: Affinity Designer

Get 18 of our premium Affinity Designer brushes for one affordable price. It's the perfect way to try our most popular Procreate brushes at a great price.

  • A sampler pack of 18 of our most popular Affinity Designer brushes.
  • Includes samples of halftones, cross hatchers, stipplers, liners, charcoal, grain, gouache, and inker brushes.
  • Includes detailed PDF instructions

We've got a lot of Affinity Designer brush packs––it can be overwhelming to decide which pack is right for you. That's why we made the RetroSupply Co. Affinity Designer Brush Pack.

This pack contains one or two brushes from each of our most popular packs.

Note: This is a sampler pack. The preview image covers reflect which packs we samples brushes from. You will not receive all of the brushes from these packs.