Alex Dukal's Illustration Bundle for Photoshop

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Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CC and 2017+

Get Brutus Symetry Plugin, AD Impasoshop, and Plastasine Lab all in one powerful bundle. Each plugin is guaranteed to give you fresh ideas and make it easy to experiment with new styles in your work.

  • Three of Alex's best selling Photoshop Panel packs including the Brutus Symetry Plugin, AD Impastoshop, and Plastasine Lab.
  • Plugins allow for massive control of effects with no learning curve.
  • Created by Photoshop mad scientist Alex Dukal.

Alex Dukal is the creator of one of our best selling Photoshop brush packs, the AD Stippling Brushes. He is a master of a wide variety of illustration styles. 

So for Cyber Monday, I invited Alex to include a special bundle for the RetroSupply community. This pack is so epic, we decided to continue the sale!

As always, Alex delivered with this amazing set of his best selling Photoshop Panel packs.

Grab it now for only $39!

Here's everything you get:


AD Brutus Symmetry is a Photoshop Creative Cloud Panel (from CC to 2017+) that provides tools to work with -almost- realtime symmetry. 

Brutus also includes another fantastic technique to draw or paint with symmetry in Photoshop, in this case the symmetry is generated with mirrored smart layers that are set up for you with one click.

You'll get the Panel for Photoshop Creative Cloud, a User Manual, and a TXT file with installation instructions & license info for each installer. 


A real time thick painting machine that enables instant Gesso, Canvas, Wet, Carved and Varnished Surfaces to your Photoshop brush strokes. It includes a set of more than 30 special layer styles, 15 background textures and more than 70 amazing brushes that works with the pressure-sensitive capabilities of your pen tablet. It also gives you the tools to apply depth to your existing artwork!


Plastiline Lab is a Photoshop Panel with tools to emulate Plastiline shapes and textures.
Get really creative with these innovative modelling tools for Photoshop: 27 Plastiline styles, 16 Tools to cut, scrape, push and smooth, 8 seamless backgrounds and 64 Color Swatches!
Build your artwork from zero or apply the Plastiline styles to your existing layers!
and… it’s NON TOXIC!



Alex Dukal's Illustration Bundle for Photoshop has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

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