Build Your Own Character by Savannah Glitschka

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Building your own retro-inspired character in Adobe Illustrator is as easy as turning on and off layers with the new Build Your Own Character Pack from Savannah Glitschka.

  • Easily create diverse characters by turning on and off layers.
  • Includes male and female character.
  • Easily adjust body type, hairstyle, outfit, skin tone, background, and poses.
  • Perfect for adding characters to design work quick and easy.
  • Includes sample artwork for inspiration.

Let's be honest. Lots of times clients don't have a budget that allows you to make everything from scratch.

That's why we think you'll love the Build Your Own Character Pack created by Savannah Glitschka.

This vector pack lets you customize characters in minutes for a project.

If you've ever needed to bust out some cool looking characters fast (or you're not an illustrator) this pack is for you. 

Plus, at $19 it pays for itself with just one project!