Hot Foil | Gold Foil Effect and More

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  • Hot foil stamp effect with 7 different foil textures including: gold, bronze, silver and holographic
  • Easy to use. Just place your work in file and press Save. Easy to customize.
  • 3 actions to instantly create your own foil textures in Photoshop
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS3 and Above

Now You Can Get Shiny, Metallic, Hot Foil Stamp Effects Instantly! (Even If You're Not a Photoshop Genius)

The RetroSupply Hot Foil Classic Stamp Machine gives you everything you need to get rich, delicate, flaky hot foil stamp effects instantly.

Watch the 2 Minute Video Demo Below

Here's What's in the Box

  • 4500x3000 Pixel Smart PSD
  • 3000x4500 Pixel Smart PSD
  • 3000x3000 Pixel Smart PSD
  • 3 Quick Foil Photoshop Actions (Standard, Smooth and Rough)
  • Professionally Made RetroSupply Hot Foil User Guide

You Get Real and Digital Foil Textures for More Control

  • Real Gold Foil Texture from Source Material
  • Real Bronze Foil Texture from Source Material
  • Real Silver Foil Texture from Source Material
  • Digitally Crafted Gold Foil Texture
  • Digitally Crafted Bronze Foil Texture
  • Digitally Crafted Silver Foil Texture
  • Digitally Crafted Hologram Foil Texture
  • Sorry, no glitter. It gets everywhere and then you have sparkly stuff on your face for the next 5 years ; )

Here's Some Other Useful Features of the RetroSupply Hot Foil Machine

  • Changing the background color just takes a click of the mouse
  • Give your paper subtle textures or use pure colors
  • High-resolution files make it perfect for print work
  • Easily take textures out of Smart PSD's and use them however you want

Plus, We've Loaded the Pack with Some Extra Surprises Including...

  • Flake effect so you can give your work a worn look
  • Get an even more intense foil texture with our "Extra Crinkle" button
  • Easily add non-foil layers on top for a more diverse design

[BONUS]3 Foil Generating Actions FREE

Want to make your own custom foil patterns? We've included 3 Foil Generating Actions (Standard, Smooth and Rough). You can choose your own colors and create any type of foil you'd like in seconds.

This foil kit is massive. We wanted to give you tons of resources so you could create any type of foil effect you wanted in seconds. I think we've succeeded!

Category: Photoshop, Templates

Type: Smart PSD

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