How to Draw a Vector Portrait with Emir Ayouni Webinar

Learn how to draw bold vector portraits in Adobe Illustrator with our special guest Emir Ayouni of Growcase and The Forefathers Group.

Emir rarely does online events sharing his tips so this is a rare and exciting chance to gain some knowledge from him. Check out his work here.

No tablet. No iPad Pro. No Apple Pencil. Just Adobe Illustrator and your mouse- it's that simple.


Here are the details:

  • Live webinar with Emir Ayouni. 90-minutes of vector goodness with Emir Ayouni on August 23rd at 1:00 PST (with recording sent to all buyers).
  • Learn Emir's exact process for creating portraits. From finding and leveraging existing images of the subject to hard learned tricks of making a portrait come alive in vector format, Emir will share all his best insights from 20 years of illustration.
  • Live Q&A Session. Get a chance to ask Emir any questions about his techniques you want at the end of the webinar. The Q&A session is one of the most popular parts of the webinar.
  • Live Chat. During the entire webinar you can chat with other attendees, make new friends, ask questions, share tips, whatever. The live chat gives the webinar the feel of hanging out with friends and picking up tips (instead of feeling like a boring college course).
  • Recording of the webinar. Get a video recording of the webinar sent to your inbox so you can watch it whenever you want.

IMPORTANT: The webinar is live on August 23rd at 1:00pm PST. If you can't attend we will also be sending out a recording of the webinar.

What Kind of Illustrator Skills Do I Need to Get Value from This Webinar?

You'll find value in this webinar whether you're a beginner or professional illustrator. That being said, you should have experience working in Adobe Illustrator and be familiar with the basics of the tool panel (Pen Tool, Selection Tool, Direct Selection Tool).

Emir Ayouni

About the Illustrator

Emir Ayouni is the owner of Growcase and affiliated with The Forefathers Group™ A global conglomerate design studio franchised in Tulsa, New Jersey & Gothenburg.

Emir's love of illustration and design started as a kid.

"I drew my own Garbage Pail Kids cards and MAD Magazine Covers and just dreamt about one day getting to do something like that for a living. So I guess I was always into design, just not professionally."

"Fast forward, through the teen years (when beer, moonshine and friends were far more exciting than pencils), to 1997, when I was studying in Stockholm and all the computers there had Photoshop installed. So on my off time, I started to learn it by myself and from there, I schooled myself on the various Adobe software available and made the transition from pen and paper to mouse and monitor."

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