The RetroSupply Texture Lab [GRAPHIC BURGER SPECIAL]

Get 11 of Our Best Texture Products for 77% Off! [LIMITED TIME OFFER]

We rarely offer deep discounts at RetroSupply. But Raul from Graphic Burger wanted to give you a special offer – and since Graphic Burger has been such a huge supporter of RetroSupply I wanted to do something special for you guys!

So for the next 14 days you can get 11 of our best-selling texture products for just $39! That's 77% off the retail price. 

And we're not talking second rate products either.

Each of the products in this bundle have been crazy popular. In fact, all of these products have been best-sellers on the RetroSupply site as well as Creative Market. 

Right now, you can get all these products (retail price $172) for just $39! But please don't miss out on this. This price is available exclusively to Graphic Burger subscribers for 14 days. 

Here's everything you're getting:

MachineShop (Retail $19)

Get instant rusted, corroded, distressed textures for your projects instantly.

Premium Quick Textures (Retail $19)

A fast an easy way to distress your in less than 15 seconds. Just drop your work in the file and you're done! Perfect for logo presentations.

The Ultimate Screen Printing Kit (Retail $29)

Create a realistic screen print style effect for your work with TUSPK. A huge pack of real screen printed textures, drop-and-save mock-up creators, brushes and more.

SuperGrain(Retail $19)

Get deep, dark, industrial style ink print effects unlike anything you'll find anywhere else.

LetterCraft(Retail $19)

Create beautiful typographic images with matte finishes and hand lettering on top. LetterCraft automatically adds a matte finish to your photos and gives your lettering a hand made look. Even if you just use a font!

RetroTee(Retail $19)

Do you love the cracked and faded look of vintage t-shirts circa 1978? RetroTee gives you an amazing recreation of this effect. Just drop your image in, click save,and you've got instant t-shirt effects. 100% customizable.

IndiePress Poster Maker Kit (Retail $19)

Create indie style posters in record time. Drop your work in, choose your textures and color setting and you're done!

The Atomic Age Print Pack (Retail $19)

Inspired by 1940s toy packaging and tins. The Atomic Age Print Pack makes it easy to give your work the ink bleeds and textures of objects from the era. 

Plus, you'll also receive the 3 Best-Selling Texture Mock-Up Kits for FREE ($57 retail price) including:

Wood and Steel Texture Mock-Ups ($19)

Display your typography and logos with distressed wood and steel surface mock-ups. These textures were taken from true vintage source material and then processed to be used with easy in mock-ups.

Original Logo Mock-Ups ($19)

Our best-selling flagship textures mock-up pack. This pack gives your work the look of being printed on peeled paint, faded wooden crates, baked red brick and tons more.

Weathered Logo Mock-Ups ($19)

Textured logo mock-ups from the great city of San Francisco. Includes salt water aged wood, old alleys from Chinatown, coin operated wooden game cases on Fisherman's Wharf and more.

This is a limited time opportunity lasting only a few more hours!

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