The Hand Drawn Illustrator Brush Bundle

321 Best Selling Brushes for Illustrator

$49.00 USD

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Join the thousands of illustrators who are already making killer illustrations using these brushes.

  • 300+ Best selling brushes
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6
  • Easy to follow instruction guides on how to install Illustrator brushes.
  • Pays for itself easy in just one project.

Software: Adobe Illustrator CS6 and above

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 407 MB

Here's what you get:

Deep Cuts | Vector Engraving Brushes ($29) 

75 realistic engraving brushes for every Illustrator situation you can dream of. Includes multi-line and single line brushes made with no-stretch technology.

The Dead Pen | A Wicked Cool Hand Drawn Tool Kit ($29) 

Give your work a hand-drawn fine liner pen look with this collection of 20 scatter brushes, 16 line brushes, 26 no-stretch pattern brushes, 9 pattern swatches, and 2 pieces of Ai artwork so you can see exactly how the brushes are applied.

Drunk Sailor | Vector Stippling Brushes & More ($29) 

Create perfect stippling and shading in mouse click instead of creating a hundred dots. Includes 38 stippling brushes made from real pen and bristol board, 20 pen liner with subtle stroke variation, 5 specialty brushes including ropes, stars, and dots, and 3 Illustrator files of artwork so you can see how the brushes are applied.

Black Magic Halftones | Vector Halftone Pattern Brushes ($29) 

80+ halftone brushes and swatches that give you perfect halftone patterns in your illustrations. This pack includes halftone brushes, halftone patterns, and seamless halftone swatches. Halftones come in standard (10-90%0, tapered, gradient and edge variations.


Compatible with Illustrator CS4 and above