[LIMITED QUANTITY] We only have 2 of the 10 I Want It All Boxes left. Grab one before they're gone!

Get access to every digital product we've ever created on a beautiful USB stick (plus, instant digital access when you purchase).*

Plus, we'll include all sorts of extra goodies in the box including an official t-shirt, buttons, stickers, four FREE future products, and a 30% discount for life!

One Retro Box to Rule Them All

I've had a lot of customers over the years that loved just about everything in the shop. But if you were to buy everything it would cost $1700+ retail.

Plus, everything in the shop takes up a lot of hard drive space. So we decided to offer everything we've ever made in a fun and affordable way.

When you grab the I Want It All Box you get every digital product we've ever made immediately.

Plus, we'll send you a sweet box with a retro-inspired 128GB wood hard drive and lots of other good stuff.

Think of it as a business expense that gives you the feeling of a kid in a candy store!

Best of all it only costs $497 (a savings of 72% off the retail price)!

I'm excited to make this box available to you. Thanks for letting us make cool stuff for you!

Dustin Lee

Owner of RetroSupply Co.

Here's a quick list of why we think you'll love the I Want It All Box:

  • Includes everything we've ever made at 72% off retail.
  • You get instant access to every digital product.*
  • We'll send you a 128GB retro-style wooden USB drive loaded with every product we've ever made (so you can take your products with you and not use up precious hard drive space).
  • Get a bunch of cool extras including a hand-pulled RetroSupply t-shirt, pins, stickers, and a secret prize.
  • Your own personalized coupon code good for 4 FREE products of your choice any time in the future.
  • 30% off all future products for life.
  • Free updates on all products for life.

Why the I Want It All Box is Awesome

Save Money

If you were to buy these products individually it would cost over $1000. Buy it all at once for just $497.

Get Sweet Extras

You also get extra goodies including our soft-as-a-hug RetroSupply Co. t-shirt, buttons, stickers, and more.


When you buy we'll immediately send you an email with a secret code to get 4 FREE future products.


We're always coming out with new products. As an I Want It All Box owner you'll get 30% off all future purchases for life.


  • Our entire product catalogue to date on a hand crafted USB with matching holding box*
  • Hand Stained USB with matching holding box
  • Official RetroSupply hand pulled t-shirt
  • 2 RetroSupply 3 inch stickers
  • 2 RetroSupply 1 inch buttons
  • Hand stamped canvas bags
  • Secret surprise in the box

* The I Want It All Kit is limited to products created by RetroSupply and participating vendors. These products from third-party vendors are not included in the I Want It All Kit: The Lettering Library, The One-Hour Photo Collection, The Curiosities Font Collection by HSCO, Carmel Type Bundle, The Wood Type Revival Font Bundle, The Vintage Bundle by HSCO, and Alex Dukal's Illustration Bundle for Photoshop.


How long does it take to recieve the box?

This is our first time shipping physical boxes but if you're in the US or Canada we expect it will take 5-7 days to recieve your box.

Do I really get everything you've ever made?

Yes, you get everything RetroSupply Co. has ever made. However, the following partner products are NOT included: The Curiosities Font Collection, The One-Hour Photo Collection, The Lettering Library.

Can I use a discount code?

No. I wish we could but the pack is already heavily discounted. Plus, since the pack is a physical product there's more overhead.
If you were to buy each item individual it would cost over $1000. So you're still getting a killer deal!

Do I get a digital version of the products?

Yes, when you purchase you'll get instant access to the digital version of all the products.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Due to The I Want It All Box being a physical product with digital assets we can't offer refunds.

However, if you view any product in our shop you'll see they all have 4-5 star verified reviews. So we're confident you'll love the products!

What's the big benefit of the USB stick?

The I Want It All Kit is approximately 95GB. So having everything loaded on a USB stick means you can easily add all the products onto your computer or bring the USB with you. Plus, it just looks awesome.

What software do I need to use your products?

All products were made with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. However, fonts and textures can be uses in a variety of other programs that allow you to import fonts, JPGs, and TIFFS.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Due to The I Want It All Box being a physical product with digital assets we can't offer refunds.

What happens after I purchase?

You'll immediately receive access to all the files digitally. Shortly after that you'll get an email from our designer Suzanne asking for your shirt size, verifying your address, and giving you your secret discount codes.

Then we'll pack up your I Want It All Box and ship it off!