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Vintage-inspired resources for illustrators and designers including brushes, textures, fonts, and more. Perfect tools for achieving the look of your favorite 20th century styles.

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Inspired by History

We make products inspired by classic American design.

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All our products are made and tested by professional creatives.

Procreate PRODUCTS

View our wide selection of retro-inspired Procreate brushes and other resources including comic book kits, halftones, mid-century illustration, ink brushes, grain brushes, textures, and more.


Time-saving brushes and textures for illustrator. Bring hard to achieve effects to your work like engraving, retro comic books, gouache, pencils, and more.


Comic books from the 1960s and 1970s were characterized by gorgeous four-color printing, imperfect halftones, and cheap newsprint. Now you can capture the class American retro aesthetic of these comics! The ColorLab Vintage Comic Kit lets you fine tune your color layers, adjust tactile ink textures, and craft the classic comic look you enjoyed as a kid.


Standard Inking Brush Set

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Lo-Fi Grain & Noise Brush Set

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Edge & Fold Distressor Kit

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ColorLab | Vintage Comic Kit

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Most Authentic Looking Pack I've Used

The absolute best paper textures, brushes and textures I've ever seen for creating authentic looking retro art in Procreate.

- Robin Banks

Perfect for My Children's Books

This is Christmas in a box for Photoshop and Procreate! I LOVE THEM!! Love the textures and the many different brushes that really speak to my retro feel! You will not be disappointed.

- Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Just Right

These brushes don’t just add a little touch to my work, they make a huge difference.
As always, RetroSupply brushes are so well thought out and curated,I now can’t imagine not having these on hand!

- Jane Whisler

Hover to Reveal the Effect

Seeing is believing, right? Hover over the images below to see the what these illustrations look like with RetroSupply products applied.

ColorLab | Fireball Kid Before and After

Retro Comic Book Nostalgia

There's nothing like vintage comics. The imperfect halftones, registration errors, and other happy mistakes create a look that is perfect for comics, advertisements, and posters. Now you can get these classic retro effects in one powerful kit!

Gouache Grain Shader | Dragon Before and After

Gouache-Inspired Magic

True gouache is much more like dry watercolor. But a texture shading technique has emerged that tries to emulate this look. Capture the lush, grainy shading that has become so popular with ease with this best-selling brush pack.

Near-Magic Rust & Grunge

Want to show a client what the logo you made for their sign will look like in 20 years (or maybe you just want to have some fun in Photoshop). Machine Shop lets you automagically add rust and other textures in Photoshop in seconds.

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