Customer Work: April 2024

Customer Work: April 2024

Every day, we see inspiring art created with RetroSupply digital brushes and textures on our Instagram feed. We've selected a few amazing pieces from graphic artists we found this April made using RetroSupply Co. tools.

Tag us in your post, and let us know which of our product you used for a chance to be featured on the RetroSupply Co. Instagram account!

Johanna Warberg

Spring has sprung, so it's time to pull out your shorts and smell the flowers like this beautiful bouquet by Johanna Warberg, made using our Risograph Brush & Texture Kit.

We love the multicolor illustration, subdued by the Risograph texture, for a more retro look, especially with the thoughtful use of shape, which gives an energetic yet soft feminine look.

Jeremy Allison

Part one of a humorous comic by Jeremy Allison relays the struggles of working in the service industry that so many of us have experienced. Of course, it was made with ColorLab!

We love the limited palette incorporating warm and cool versions of yellow and green and the incorporation of Paper Boy paper textures with subtle staining, giving the look of reading the comic while chomping on a doughnut.

Brave the Woods

Okay, technically this is from last year, but it was posted this year, so we're counting it. Design house Brave the Woods, fronted by illustrator Brad Woodard, has carved a niche for impressively authentic Mid-Century illustration. This decidedly 90s tennis poster caught our eye, though, for its gorgeous color choices and the use of DupliTone!

Nicholas Malara

Accomplished illustrator Nicholas Malara is a chameleon of distinct artistic style. Like this children's book illustration of Smokey the Bear and a scout made with Woodland Wonderland!

We're impressed by Nicholas' ability to pack a lot into a spot illustration by keeping everything clean and legible. Not an easy feat!

Jared Sylvia

Folks will know the work of Jared Sylvia from his contribution to our TransferTone and Dot Dreams pack art.

It's the latter that is featured here in this show poster. Jared's typical great eye for color shines here with the integration of stippling, creating lush gradients and shading.

RL Black

If you're a horror and sci-fi fan, then you might already be familiar with comic artist RL Black, who has launched several self-initiated publishing projects. Our selection of Black's work for this month comes from one such project, a comic about robot fighting luchadors. And, of course, it was made using ColorLab!

Mikey Ryan

Everyone loves Mario. That's a fact, right? Artist Mikey Ryan combined everyone's favorite plumber with traditional stippling and digital comic textures care of ColorLab.

The unique combination of techniques in this dynamic and well-made illustration seems to leap off the page. We just wish there was a whole book of it!

This is Fun

ColorLab was updated in 2022 to achieve a more robust selection of neutral tones. It gives you more options for things like skin tones, and makes them more realistic while maintaining that authentic vintage charm. This use of color is demonstrated perfectly here in the Archie's style Twin Peaks illustration by This is Fun Art, who we've been fans of for a while for her clever mixing of different pop culture references.

David Degrand

Being able to make art simply can be as tricky as adding lots of details. When you look at David DeGrand's work you can quickly see how using minimal lines requires a lot of mastery. We also love the storytelling happening, including a television frame and chromatic aberration made using ColorLab.

Abi Salvesen

If you appreciate the Art Nouveau stylings of psychedelic 1960s and 70s art, then you will love the work of Abi Salvesen whose slightly gothic work is a portal to gorgeous, moody dreamscapes. Abi created this stunning poster design with Retrograin, the Lo-Fi Grain & Noise brushes, and Phantom Paper.


You can understand a lot about your tools by looking at what other artists do with them. Artists like David DeGrand and Abi Salvesen have distinct styles, while Mikey Ryan and Nicholas Malara experiment with many. And don't think you can't incorporate a particular tool into your art. Brave the Woods and Jared Sylvia showed us that a creative mind can fit any tool in a project.

Do you have some awesome art to show us? Make sure that you're tagging us @retrosupply on Instagram so we can see what you make!

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