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Fonts are like eggs to the baking world. They're essential for almost all recipes and when you run out, you have no option but to go get more. RetroSupply's font bundles are curated to save you time and money. No more searching for the perfect font for your next design project. And luckily, unlike eggs, these bad boys never go bad.

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Hand Lettering Without the Hand!

A history of comic book lettering with a focus on the history of type that led up to the development of the Leroy lettering system. Plus, TOOM, a digital version of the Leroy lettering system style font.

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The Ultimate Guide to Retro Font Pairing

Every tried to pair fonts together and it looked like Font Book puked on the screen? Use this guide to learn the basics of retro font pairing. You'll use typography to create eye-catching combinations for your brand, side projects, and clients.

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How to Create a Retro Inspired Badge in Illustrator

Ever wanted to create a retro-style badge design in Illustrator? Then want no more! Follow this time-lapse tutorial to find out how to create a very simple one using just two fonts and a few graphics.

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