Don't Lose a Minute of Sleep with Our 30 Day Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee

We know every product isn't going to be a perfect fit. 

We also know that buyer's remorse sucks. 

That's why we offer a Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee. What does that mean? Simple.

If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase we don't want your money. Just email us and let us know you need a refund within 30 days of purchase. No hard feelings. 

We would love if you would tell us why you want a refund (because we're always looking for ways to improve your products) but it's not required. 

Note: We reserve the right to decline refund requests on rare occasions where we feel the policy is being abused.

We don't have to give refunds often (because we love the stuff we make and it works). But we happily do it when it's necessary. Why? Because we're here to build relationships with customers NOT try to make them buy something they don't want.

Here's a recent Refund We Issued: