How to Create a Retro Inspired Badge in Illustrator

How to Create a Retro Inspired Badge in Illustrator

Ever wanted to create a retro style badge design in Illustrator? This time-lapse tutorial will show you how I created a really simple one using just two fonts and a few graphics. You can find links to the fonts I used below the video!

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Fonts used in the video

Futura Bold

Again, this font is a staple for any designer. Yeah, you can find free alternative out there but they're not going to look as good. Unfortunately, fonts like this tend to cost a pretty penny.

So grab it when you've got some extra cash from a freelance job. In the meantime, Source Sans Pro does an acceptable job of recreating the look. 

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Transistor Super-Condensed Sans

This is the main font in the design. Even better, it's a RetroSupply release! That means you can get it for a great deal and have a new font to add some swagger to your design work. 

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