Customer Work: March 2024

Customer Work: March 2024

Every day, we see inspiring art created with RetroSupply brushes and digital products on our Instagram feed. Here are a few killer pieces from graphic artists we found this March made using tools from RetroSupply.

Want to have your work featured on the RetroSupply Instagram account? Tag us in your post, and let us know which products you used in your work!

Eduardo Corrêa

Packed to the brim with humor and authentic vintage charm is the work of Eduardo Corrêa. This Brazillian tattoo artist uses ColorLab in Procreate to make colorful, surreal, and joyful illustrations.

We loved this humorous and relatable chimpanzee illustration showing how the rat race can make a monkey out of us.

Nolan Flemming

It's rare to see artists intentionally playing with mistakes. We were blown away by this poster design by Nolan Flemming for embracing the quirks of actual Risograph printing. It's a clean design with lots of character that will make you want to stare at every detail. Of course, it was made using our Risograph Print Pack.

Anthony carranza

Comic artist Anthony Carranza, or Pulp Americana, has perfectly captured the look of Mid-Century comic artists in his character Sonic Saturn. Anthony uses many RetroSupply Co. products, but this illustration of Sonic Saturn features our Risograph Brush & Texture Kit, which shows how an artist can adapt classic comic designs with more modern techniques.

Nick Moffatt

You'll recognize Nick Moffatt's work for its limited palettes, slim figures, and relatable scenarios. Blending realism with a retro flare gives every illustration a sense of timelessness. Nick uses several tools in our Complete Collection for Procreate, including Blotty Inker from The Liner Brush Pack and Saltwater Sponge from The Texture Brush Pack.

Nadia tai

Dog lovers will appreciate the work of Nadia Tai. The artist from Hong Kong regularly features these furry friends engaging in many scenarios, from the realistic to the whimsical. This illustration of three dogs camping features DupliTone and the Risograph Brush & Texture Kit, giving texture to a warm vignette.

Paloma the Peach

Texan artist Paloma blends various techniques in her unique and charismatic artwork. Their experimentation with subject matter and materials inspires playfulness in one's own creativity. Here, Paloma uses our Office Supplies shop stickers to finish off a design inspired by Hobonichi–the catchall name for creative daily planning based on the proprietary name of a journal manufacturer.

Rich Holmes

Rich Holmes's talent is evident in his use of soft and thoughtful rendering techniques to give form and class to his subjects. In this boudoir pin-up that is as romantic and intimate as it is sexy, Holmes is using a variety of our tools for Procreate, including Paper Artifacts, Edge & Fold vol. 2, and DupliTone.

Refli Fatharani

Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Refli's art is pure joy, creating a playground of bold shapes and colors. This design, utilizing our Risograph Brush & Texture Kit, is inspired by the songs of musician Juliet Ivy. The use of bold, vibrant colors fits in perfectly with the illustration's theme and original Riso printing.

Molly McCammon

Scottish designer Molly McCammon effortlessly blends retro with modern aesthetics in her designs. These commissioned wined bottles for a wedding utilize clean lines, bold shapes, and just the right amount of texture. They feature our Risograph Brush & Texture Kit.

Lady Lockheart

Going by the name Lady Luck Lockheart, you can instantly tell this is an artist who lives and breathes vintage charm. You can see the care in her art, whether it's glitzy pin-ups or comics like this Red Dead Redemption-inspired panel made using ColorLab. We love ColorLab's ability to achieve earth tones (something genuine vintage halftone printers struggled with), showcased here, too!


Social media is full of inspiration and can help you better understand how to use tools you might already have. Artists such as Lockheart Artistry and Paloma the Peach utilize many different techniques to express themselves in their work. Don't forget to embrace "mistakes" like Nolan Flemming! It might help you create something wonderful.

Do you have some awesome art to show us? Make sure that you're tagging us @retrosupply on Instagram so we can see what you make!

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