Risograph Print Pack

Capture the unmistakable and classic look of Risograph printing with this collection of seamless, textures, templates, drag-and-drop PNGs, and more!

Each asset was created from real Risograph prints in a full tonal range of 10-100% — making it easy to get nuanced textures and shades.

Plus, we've added a bonus Risograph Color Mixer that let's you input your colors and see complete range of colors you can create as well as color formulas!

There's no substitute for real Risograph printing. It's too awesome. But if you need to create a Risograph effect digitally — this looks just like the real thing.

True Riso Textures

We've built this pack from real Risograph prints so you're sure to get that distinctive Riso look you're after.

Classic Riso Layering

A full tonal rnage of 1-0-100% lets you layer colors and textures and achieve the distinct layering effect that Risography has become famous for.

Textues & Templates

Includes seamless textures, templates, full-page textures, and more so you can choose what works best with your workflow.

Print Flaws & Defects

Perfect is no good. Choose from a wide variety of print imperfections pulled from real Risograph prints.

Choose Your Software

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from $19.00 USD $29.00 USD
from $19.00 USD $29.00 USD