Detective illustration made with RetroSupply brushes and textures

About US

We make digital tools that help creatives capture analog styles.

Do I have to make retro stuff?

Nope. You just have to appreciate tools that are built on a foundation of design and art history.

Call it retro, vintage, analog, historical, kitch, lo-fi, or garbage.

We make digital resources that help you capture the warm, imperfect styles you see in vintage comic books, children's books, consumer packaging, and other nooks and crannies of pop culture.

Here are some of the resources we make:

If you love Mad Magazine, Mary Blair, surf culture, skate culture, junkin', mid-century modern stuff, retro mail order advertisements, stuff from the 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s — we should probably be friends.

How we do it different

There's a ton of places online that offer brushes, textures, fonts, and other stuff for your work.

But we believe in making digital resources with the same time and attention to detail as analog materials.

Here are a few examples of how we get the details right.

  • ColorLab is a comic coloring kit that simulates the look of old school comics and four-color printing. Our team spent over 500 hours nailing the screen angles, ink bleeds, color formulas, and paper textures.
  • Lovestruck is a 1970s inspired script font crafted from Art Nouveau roots by lettering legend Jason Carne.
  • DupliTone is a suite of halftone brushes that emulate the shading and variation of real printed halftones. We even made it so it would work in perfect harmony with ColorLab.

The bottom line is we're geeks for this stuff. We get it right because we're artists that care about details just like you.

Our Team

Dustin Lee

Dustin Lee


Vancouver, Washington

Suzanne Sarver

Suzanne Sarver

Product Development

Mobile, Alabama

Robin Banks

Robin Banks

Lead Illustrator

Salt Lake City, Utah

Bailey Curry

Bailey Curry

Community Specialist

Tempe, Arizona

Dameon Williams


Community Moderator

Raleigh, North Carolina