Risograph Brush and Texture Kit for Procreate

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Bring the analog indie aesthetic of Risograph printing to your digital work with Risograph Brush & Texture Kit for Procreate — so realistic you'll smell the soy oil-based inks for days!

Each brush and texture in this pack was made from analog source material. We hit up some of our favorite Risograph printing studios and asked them to push their printers to the limits.

The final output is a collection that perfectly captures the unmistakable textures and overlay effects of analog Risograph art in your digital studio.

With a complete spectrum of wet and dry Risograph brushes, true print defects, and authentic scans — Risograph Brush and Texture Kit is an authentic and thoughtful kit for prints, posters, zines, comics, and more.

We developed this brush pack in conjunction with Risograph printers and artists to create the most realistic brush pack on the market.

Here's everything you get:

  • 10 Risograph dry brushes in set tonal range of 10% - 100%.
  • 10 Risograph wet brushes in set tonal range of 10% - 100%.
  • 10 Risograph dry shader brushes in shader tonal range of 10-100%.
  • 10 Risograph wet shader brushes in shader tonal range of 10-100%.
  • 16 print defect brushes made from real Risograph print defect.
  • 1 Risograph Brush & Texture Kit User Guide PDF
  • 3 Risograph Brush & Texture Kit training videos.
  • 10 high-growth Riso color palettes based on color psychology. 
  • 3 Riso Print Shop swatch libraries (Japanese, European, and North American).
  • 1 Riso master swatch library with all known Riso ink colors.

Software: Procreate 5.0 and above
Hardware: iPad Pro or iPad 2017 or higher
iPadOS: Version 13.2 or higher
Storage: 350MB

We couldn't have made this pack without the feedback, inspiration, and art from some amazing Risograph artists and printers. Thank you for helping bring this pack to life and catching all the little details!

SaturnHex Art Studio

These folks are amazing — not only did they print tons of Risograph prints for us. They also gave us insights into the Risograph printing process and shared tons of great photos of their studio. If you're looking to do some real Riso printing (which you totally should — this is a great studio to work with. 

Julia Schimautz

Julia is a graphic designer and printmaker from Austria. Thank you for helping the pack to find its voice. The animated art and experiments you sent to us kept us inspired and excited.

Jasmine Floyd

Jasmine Floyd is a freelance illustrator and printmaker residing in the lovely Shropshire countryside in England. Jasmine’s illustration style was hugely influenced by her experiences studying illustration in Liverpool and the wonderful arts scene there - hence the vibrant colors and psychedelic vibes! She’s a big fan of dogs, coffee, carbs, and running. 

Lucia Calfapietra 

Lucia Calfapietra is an Italian illustrator based in France. Deeply influenced by old children’s books, she plays with textures, clean shapes, and vivid colors. She loves to digitally recreate the feeling of hand-made, cheap printed ephemera from the past.

She combines dreamy sceneries with an ironic touch. Her illustrations are published in magazines, book covers, children’s books, and packaging. Her work (and her free time) often revolve around food.

She often collaborates with her partner, lettering artist Nicolò Giacomin.

Lulu Dubreuil

Lulu is a French illustrator who has been working independently as an illustrator and graphic designer for 15 years.  She has lived everywhere, from the United States to Hungary to the United Kingdom…and has finally settled back on the French rainy Atlantic coast. She spends her free time roaming flea markets in search of finds from the 1950s, her favorite period!


YUK FUN is design duo Lucy Cheung and Patrick Gildersleeves. They work from their home studio in Portslade-by-Sea on the south coast of England, screen printing, making clothes, and drawing.

Bailey Curry

Bailey Curry is an illustrator living in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. Their work incorporates limited color palettes, heavy texture, and geometric design for a playful retro aesthetic. Bailey lives with their partner and two cats, spending their daytime working for RetroSupply Co.

Natsuki Tawatari

Illustration artist. Based in Japan. My illustrations have received widespread acclaim for their sense of uniqueness, and I am currently involved in a wide range of projects, fabric design, and magazine covers.

Suzanne Sarver

Suzanne Sarver is the lead product creator at RetroSupply since 2016. She currently lives in Mobile, Alabama with her husband. When she's not making cool stuff for RetroSupply, you can find her antiquing and junking, working on restoring her 1892 house, traveling, and volunteering for local non-profits.

Christopher Sperandio

Big thanks for your massive depth of knowledge and helping us orientate ourselves and pointing us towards some great Risograph artists. Chris also wrote a Risograph article for us that is a smart and concise introduction to Riso.