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InkChamp is our tribute to the nostalgia and imperfection of offset printing. So whether you're making a humble Bazooka-inspired comic or carving out a name for yourself with mid-century illustration work — InkChamp will help you bring your retro vision to life.

What We've Packed into InkChamp

Over three months, we spent a ridiculous amount of time researching, testing, and perfecting InkChamp.

The result is a set of Photoshop Actions that will let you capture a wide range of offset printing effects, from the inky mayhem of a tiny comic book mail-order advertisement to the cheap glossy print of sugary cereal box packaging.

Here's what's included:

  • 24 Photoshop Actions. Quickly get a wide range of printing press effects in your work with these meticulously crafted Actions. Includes a guided step-by-step version as well as a fast version of the Actions.
  • Fine-Tuned Controls. We've made the Actions non-destructive wherever possible so you can easily change your ink colors, viscosity, ink trapping, and plate settings.
  • 6 Real Ink Textures. We sampled a wide range of real ink textures to get nuanced ink effects like low ink viscosity, high ink viscosity, cheap ink, mottling and more.
  • 5 Paper Textures. Includes printing press paper so you can easily add seamless paper textures to your final work to finish the effect.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions. We'll never leave you hanging with crappy instructions. InkChamp includes step-by-step detailed instructions to become a printing press master fast and frustration-free.
  • [BONUS] 19 Printing Press Artifact Brushes. Quickly add authentic defects unique to offset printing, including pits, hickeys, anti-offset spray, and more.

The bottom line is that InkChamp will be your secret weapon for emulating the analog ink effects you love. We can't wait to share it with you!

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC
Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher
Memory: 16 GB of RAM or higher
Storage: 1.05 GB

Ed Vill is an illustrator and designer whose artistic muse lies in the whimsical charm of 1950s and 1960s cereal and toy advertising, classic television shows, and a heaping dose of rock 'n' roll.

He's not just an artist; he's a storyteller, an innovator, and a torchbearer of artistic individualism, and his collaboration on the InkChamp Photoshop Action brings his vibrant, nostalgic world to life in a spectacular fusion of imagination and nostaglia.

Follow Ed on Instagram to explore his work and stay up-to-date on his projects and workshops.