Fright-Fall Drawing Prompts

Fright-Fall Drawing Prompts

Get ready for a spooky season of drawing prompts!

It's Fright-Fall, and we've got your back. In this article, you'll find all the Daily Prompts as well as a handy download that will make it easier than ever to jump into creative mode when inspiration strikes.

Fright-Fall Daily Drawing Calendar

Fright-Fall Daily Drawing Challenge Cheatsheet PDF

Fright-Fall Daily Drawing Challenge Cheat Sheet PDF

Print out this PDF and post it in your workspace as a reminder of all the drawing prompts for our Fright-Fall drawing challenge.

Download the Fright-Fall Calendar PDF now

Daily Fright-Fall Prompt List

Want to see the prompts in a nice ordered list, here's a list version you can copy and paste or bookmark.

Day 01. Skulls

Day 02. Ghost

Day 03. Haunted House

Day 04. Devil

Day 05. Ben Cooper Costumer

Day 06. Full Moon

Day 07. Black Cat

Day 08. Werewolf

Day 09. Vampire

Day 10. Mummy

Day 11. Zombie

Day 12. Poison

Day 13. Bad Luck

Day 14. Chainsaw

Day 15. Spell

Day 16. Death

Day 17. Clown

Day 18. Bones

Day 19. Local Legend

Day 20. Shrunken Head

Day 21. Autumn Leaves

Day 22. Bat

Day 23. Seance

Day 24. Spider

Day 25. Graveyard

Day 26. Frankenstein

Day 27. Witch

Day 28. Pumpkin

Day 29. Horror Movie

Day 30. Owl

Day 31. Trick or Treat

Conclusion: Fright-Fall Daily Drawing Prompts

Halloween is creeping closer and we can feel the excitement in the air. We hope this list of Fright-Fall Daily Drawing Prompts makes it easier than ever to find your prompt.

Be sure to post your drawings to Instagram and include the hashtags #FrightFall2021 and #RetroSupply so we can see your amazing work (and so you get your daily entry for prizes)!