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Cyber Monday Downloads

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Mid-Century Color Catalog by RetroSupply Co.

The Mid-Century Color Catalog

The Mid-Century Color Catalog includes 25 classic palletes inspired by the post-war consumer boom.

How to draw faces guidebook by RetroSupply Co.

Drawing Different Faces

A cheat sheet to draw a wide variety of faces. Includes ideas for heads, eyes, noses, mouths, and more.

Comic color palette reference book by RetroSupply Co.

Comic Colors

15 color palettes inspired by vintage comics throughout the Mid-Century to jumpstart your creative practice.

Matchbook mock-up template by RetroSupply Co.

Matchbook Mock-Up

Use it as a mock-up for your designs or just a unique home for your retro illustrations.

DupliTone Lo-Fi Halftone brushes by RetroSupply Co.

DupliTone Sample Pack

The greatest halftone pack ever made — now in a sample pack. Experience the magic of layering gorgeous analog halftones!

Standard Ink Pens by RetroSupply Co.

Standard Pens sample pack

You don't need 150 different ink pens for your digital art. Just one solid brush that feels right. It just might be in this little pack.

Serifed woodblock font by RetroSupply Co.

RSCO Bodoni

One of five woodblock fonts made exclusively for RetroSupply. Handmade with real wood type.

Vintage collage pack by RetroSupply Co.

Analog Archive vol. one

Add unique collage elements to your work. Analog Archive is made from vintage magazines in our own private collections.

Creepy Colors

A quick guide for retro horror-inspired designs. Includes 13 color palettes formulas, source photos, and usage tips. Perfect for spooky, nostalgic artwork!