[DOWNLOAD] Fright-Fall Brush Pack

We're opening the brush vault from RetroSupply for Fright-Fall! Below you'll find 8 brushes for your illustrations. Each brush was hand-picked from our best-selling brush packs from the RetroSupply shop.

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Happy drawing!

What's Included?

Ramen Brush

Inspired by the classic dip pens used by comic artists of the 1950s - 1970s.

Standard Pencil

A perfect all around HB pencil for sketching and shading.

Halftone Lines

Halftone lines for a offset printing effect with a 20% density.

Carbon Tab

Gritty charcoal brush for shading, depth, and texture.

Jumbo Marker

Just like the one that's been sitting in your junk drawer for 10 years.

Dry Brush

A bold dry brush for texture, grit, and heavy shading.

Ink Flake

A sign of a poor condition comic but a fun touch on your art work.

Paper Scuff

Subtle worn texture pulled from ink being rubbed off a Mad magazine cover.

[BONUS] Classic Comic Paper Texture

Get real aged comic book paper. Scan it. Enhance. Tear the pixels apart. Now reassemble as a classic analog paper texture to use in your work. This isn't your typical .jpg paper texture. Paper textures on God Mode.

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