get the illustrator brush sampler pack

Get lo-fi halftones better than anything on the market!

We’ve made a selection of our favorite, premium Illustrator brushes totally free in this sample pack. Inside, you’ll find dot and line halftones from DupliTone, texture brushes from Gouache Shader Brushes, and engraving brush from Deep Cuts Engraving Brushes, cross hatchers from Cross Country Cross Hatchers, pen and ink brushes from VectorHero, a charcoal pencil from VectorSketch, and more!

Note: This freebie is for personal use only. For commercial projects, please purchase The Illustrator Brush Sampler Pack here.

The Illustrator brush sampler pack includes:

  • 22 Adobe Illustrator vector brushes and swatches including ink pens, charcoal pencils, watercolor washes, texture brushes, engraving pens, stippling, patterns, halftones, and more.
  • Quick Reference Sheet with links to where you can purchase the full packs.