RetroSupply Co. Presents a Very Unusual Offer...

Official RetroSupply Haunted

Motel Key Tag

Spend $66 and Get a FREE Haunted Motel Key Tag

Imagine hearing terrifying screams and creepy footsteps as you drift off to sleep.

This key tag carries the CURSE of Room 404. If you dare to spend over $66 in the RetroSupply shop we'll send you your own copy of this limited edition key tag.

Offer available while supplies last (only 100 units available). Don't delay!

Motel Key Tag Fun Fact

  • Inspired by classic American roadside motels.
  • Made in a mysterious factory in China from high quality organic polymers.
  • The RetroSupply skull mascot was originally designed by illustrator Chris DeLorenzo and then turned into a skull by Emir Ayouni.
  • Motel is a contraction of the words "motor hotel."
  • Due to the large amount of motel key tags stolen by guest for souvenirs or by accident the words "postage guaranteed" were added so they could easily be returned.

How to Get Your FREE Limited Edition Key Tag

  1. Spend $66 or more in the RetroSupply shop. Preferably more.
  2. After purchase, you will receive an email asking for your best mailing address.
  3. The hacks in the RetroSupply warehouse will package your item and send it within 5-7 business days.

Special thanks to Sue Cadzow for illustration work. This illustration was made in Procreate, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Products used: Drunk Sailor, Revelation Halftones, and Matchbox Print Machine.

Offer applies only to purchases made on October 22nd - October 31st, 2019.