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Gift #1

Shop Supplies

Bring the artifacts of capitalism to your work with this collection of 8 prices tags, labels, and stickers. Each item is delivered as a high-resolution transparent PNG so you can effortlessly drop it into your work. No pricing gun required!

Suggested uses:

    • Use the blank yellow price tag or orange seal as a unique substitute to tacky watermarks.
    • Create a self-iniated project where you create the package art that is associated with the label.
    • Sample pieces of the labels and remix them to create a series of custom labels for your personal work.

Gift #2

Log Cabin Font

This font first emerged in the early 20th century. Originally sold in direct mail stock image catalogs to small businesses, this font has been used heavily in camping, outdoor, and national park advertising.

Font Specifications:

    • Classic Log Cabin wood font.
    • Includes uppercase characters, numbers, and limited punctuation.
    • Opentype font (OTF)
    • Ideal for outdoor themed projects, wood signs, and capturing the nostalgia of 1950 summers in America.

Fun Fact: Did you know Log Cabin is used on the back of The Beach Boys 1966 materpiece Pet Sounds?

Gift #3

Paper Stains

Grunge up your work with this humble collection of 8 stains to add finishing aged touches to your work.

Here's what's included:

    • 8 stain PNGs. Includes yellowing paper spots, old glue, soft foxing, paper mold, and more.
    • High-resolution PNGs. Just drop these stain samples onto your work and set the blending mode to multiply. Easy!
    • Unique stains. There are lots of stain textures on the web but it is few and far between that you find high-resolution versions of foxing, glue, and yellowing spots.