Lo-fi brushes for Procreate

Welcome to subtle grain and noise paradise! This page contains everything you need to create gorgeous subtle grain magic. Be sure to follow each step carefully so you're set up for success. If you have any questions check out our help section or contact us at support@retrosupply.co

Step 1. Download Lo-Fi Grain & Noise Brushes

The first thing you need to do is download all the Lo-Fi Grain and Noise brush sets. You'll find the main pack, as well as a bonus pack, for download below.

Lo-Fi SUBTLE Grain Brushes

12 professional-grade subtle grain and noise brushes. Perfect for capturing the look of ink on newsprint, subtle grain shading, crisp kraft paper, aging, ink fade, and other subtle vintage-inspired looks.

Be sure to watch the videos in Step 3.

Lo-fi Experimental brushes

12 professional-grade ink artifact brushes. Ideal for adding charming imperfections like ink scuffs, toothy paper textures, gritty dry brush shading, and print errors.

Be sure to watch the videos in Step 3.


We've included a free paper texture template that will make your digital illustration look like it's living on real paper. It's the cherry on top.

Be sure to check out the included instructional PDF.

Step 2. Install

Lo-Fi Subtle Grain and Noise Brushes install just like any other brushes or swatches for your software. But for the brushes to work correctly, it's important to make sure you are installing everything properly. Below are links to short and sweet tutorials for installing RetroSupply products.

Step 3. Make Something

Don't let your Lo-Fi brushes get lost in the digital dustbin of your iPad. Use them now on an existing project or just play with them with simple shapes. This will help you get more out of the brush pack because you're more likely to use it, save time, and have fun!

Video #1. How to use Brushes WITH MASKS & ALPHA CHANNELS

Masks and alpha channels make it easy to add texture to a specific area with ease. If you've ever used masking tape when you're painting, it's the same idea.

Because masks and alpha channels give you fine-tuned control, they're great for shading or texturing focal points of your work or small shapes and tight spaces.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a mask in Procreate quickly and easily.


If you need to apply Lo-Fi textures across your entire work, try using a background texture. It's a simple and blunt method that is perfect for large areas but still gives you control so you can dial in the variation in texture.

Need Help?

Having trouble with something? We're happy to help! Check out our help section or email us at support@retrosupply.co