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RetroSupply reviews and testimonials

"These brushes are amazing. You can really tell the time and effort that went into them, and the best part is that they are vector! 10/10 would buy again."

Ryan H.

”I’ve only ever bought 2 fonts online. The first ended up being $80 and was only .ai files of each letter you had to manually place. Even though the description said differently. Everything about this purchase was perfect. The font. The price. The service. Keep it up.”

Courtney C.

”The images in this pack are fun to work with, and the licensing allows them to be used in a variety of projects, including commercial resale for small businesses. I’m an Illustrator novice, and I found the tutorial inspiring and easy to follow.”

Jill R.

”Perfect, and convenient Vector Tones. They are so brilliant when used with the VectorHero brush set. Just perfect for anyone wanting the recreate that gorgeous vintage look!”

Amble & Sing

"Not only are these great brushes but having them bundled with tutorials like this makes them even better. Thanks Dustin and Brad!"

Athena D.

"This product looks fantastic! I love Mid-Century artwork like this. In fact, products like this are helping me love Photoshop even more. While this was downloading, I was thinking of things to make with this product. After downloading this, I found a lot of cool tools that I can't wait to use. Definitely a great sale Dustin!"

Josh H.

"I’m so busy creating my holiday cards and posts using this set and Hot Foil, also from the genius from RetroSupply Co. Once you get the hang of it, it’s dead simple to create wonderful stuff…I love the tutorials to get you started (and inspired) as well."

Avis P.

"After downloading this Mid Century Print Pack I immediately started transforming my dull, lifeless, 2-D vector and pixel artworks into distressed and dodgy looking designs. I love this stuff. What usually takes me hours now takes me seconds. Highly recommended!"

Robert B.

"Everything is flawless. Designs are perfect for many things. Quick downloads. Clear instructions. couldn't ask for any more. Thanks"

Matt H.

"CraftType is my first purchase from Retrosupply - and it won’t be my last! It works great to create old-time, 3-d shaded lettering. I am looking forward to using it on graphic design projects."

Christopher C.

"Really surprised by the quality of these brushes. They do not look like your typical vector brush sets. Having fun just playing with them and layering them to see the effects that are possible."

Damon M.

"I made my first purchase from Retro Supply Company and I couldn't be happier! The sets are simple to use and give my work an incredible vintage touch. Thank you guys!"

Angela S.

"This is better than foil paper, no heat, no swet, no tears. Just remind me the good old times, first with golden ink, then with messy fold. Thank's for the memories Justin, with this and all your retro products."

Humberto H.

"I just gave my new VectorHero brush pack a test drive. Wow, these are amazing. Within minutes I was combining different brushes and getting stunning and vintage results. Highly recommended."

Robert B.

"The perfect plug in to quickly give your artwork a weathered, printed look. Easy to use, easy to dial in amazing looking results. I love using everything that came with the RetroSupply pack."

Buzz M.

"Retro Supply Co. has some really cool graphic assets that every seasoned graphic designer can use in their toolbox. I recently purchased the SOLID 70 typeface and plan to create some cool retro 70's posters and logotypes with the typeface. Thanks Retro Supply Co."

Payton B.

"As an old fashion printer I was amazed to the things I used do, without getting my nails and fingers inky, like in the past but easier that that. I am learning again, ready to get some more products, buy not the ink. Hope this old dog learn more tricks."

Humberto H.

"The stuff from Von is always unique and perfectly done. Get it on spec and use it just when you need some extraordinary eyecandy. It’s never a mistake!!!"

Marc K.

"This is one of the best compilations of brushes for illustrator that I have ever seen. Very helpful for a designer who does not have time to put together a brush collection from many other sources. Great set, thank you for all the hard work!"

Athena D.

"Those subtle details are found in vintage artwork. and this tool box has what you need to get that job done. This is great for any work you do hands down!! Get this now :)"

Marlowe B.

"There is nothing else to say but this pack is fantastic. all the brushes are really amazing and with different emotions. a must have for everyone."

Joao M.

"These textures are amazing and su fun to use. As was noted on the site, they do slow down illustrator but it will be awesome to see if that changes in the future. Thanks for the awesome textures"

Philip S.

"Great bundle of creative organic vector tools. I’m using them right away on a project that needs that made by hand look! And the best part is it’s vector so if you need it to be larger is doesn’t loose any quality."

Todd G.

"Really cool set of tools/styles for some of the work I've been doing recently, that take a lot of effort out of achieving that vintage look. Really recommended, especially for the price."

Simon B.

"Thanks for the amazing vector artwork, RetroSupply Co.! It was so good, I accidentally bought it again, not realising I already had it. Ha! But hey, that should show you how impressive it is!"

Bee D.

"These brushes are incredible. I could not be happier with my purchase and I've only been playing with them for two days. I can't even think how happy I will be in a couple weeks."

Noah M.

"It wasn't five minutes before I started using these textures on a project I was working on. Lots of grunginess to choose from!"

Michael C.

"Not just great products that have already saved me time on commercial projects (therefore made me money) but GREAT customer service. I’m a big fan of what RetroSupply offer and am looking for excuses to use the Retro Vector Textures and other products in my work."


How did we get so many raving reviews? Easy. We treat our customers like good friends. Our Risk-Free Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee is one simple way we do that.